3.4 Review and revise targets to meet objectives of work settings and individual objectives of supervisees

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 6: Professional Development, Supervision & Performance Management

LO3: Provide professional supervision

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3.4 Review and revise targets to meet objectives of work settings and individual objectives of supervisees

Reviewing and revising targets to meet the objectives of work settings and individual objectives of supervisees is an important part of effective supervision. The supervisor should ensure that all targets are meaningful, achievable, and relevant to the work setting and the supervisee’s job role.

Supervisors should also encourage their supervisees to take ownership of their own goals, and help them develop strategies for reaching their targets. By working together to create clear, achievable goals, both the supervisor and supervisee can better ensure success in the workplace.

One important skill that a supervisor needs to have is facilitating goals for their supervisees. The ability to help someone set goals and reference their goals when in supervision can also boost the supervisee’s confidence and self-efficacy in their skills.

There are many different ways a supervisor can facilitate goal setting with their supervisees. It is important that the supervisor makes their supervisees aware of what is expected of them and clearly explains standards and performance expectations for them to reach that goal.

This means that the supervisor needs to be able to discuss modification of targets with their supervisee if they feel it is necessary, such as stipulations for time, frequency, or specific activities. The supervisor should be supportive and encouraging of the supervisee’s goals to assess the best way to achieve it.

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One good approach is using motivational interviewing when setting goals with your supervisees. This helps you get more detailed information out of them while making them feel in control of their own process. There are four stages to motivational interviewing:

  • First, the supervisor should listen carefully and let the supervisee set the pace of the conversation.
  • Second, they want to make sure you understand what motivates their behavior before bringing up any concerns or suggestions for change. This helps them feel a sense of control over their own process.
  • Third, the supervisor should integrate both previously mentioned information to find out the root of the behavior or issue.

Finally, after taking in all this information, the supervisor can then offer possible solutions to help your supervisee reach their goal. However, it is important that they do not push a solution on them and leave it up to them to choose what they believe will work best.

By offering a variety of possible solutions and discussing pros and cons together, the supervisor and supervisee can find an option that works for them both even if they do not initially agree on one solution. This will help increase their decision-making skills when it comes to goal setting in the future.

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