7.5 Learners support team members to understand systems and processes relating to concerns and complaints

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 5: Person-centred practice for positive outcomes

LO7: Lead practice in managing concerns and complaints in adult care

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7.5 Learners support team members to understand systems and processes relating to concerns and complaints

As a manager, you are required to provide an effective learner support environment by proactively minimizing the risk of learners getting lost in your systems and processes. Ensuring all your staff understands these systems and processes, will reduce their anxiety levels when dealing with concerns or complaints from learners.

If you have junior members on your team, ensure they are supervised. You shouldn’t expect them to deal with concerns or complaints without support. Ensure they receive adequate induction training and follow-up training as required.

Once a concern or complaint is raised, staff should receive refresher training on how to deal with it. A reminder of the appropriate channels and timeframes for recording and actioning complaints/concerns will also help reduce anxiety for them as well as the learner.

As a senior member of staff, you must take ownership of any concerns or complaints from learners. The team leader should have already provided an effective induction and continued support to your team to ensure they understand:

  • The types (and examples) of incidents that may be referred up to you;
  • The timeframes for recording and actioning concerns/complaints;
  • The process for escalating concerns/complaints, if necessary.

By reading through this guide you should already understand your responsibilities in relation to managing learners once they have raised a concern or complaint with you. You will also be aware of the correct processes and procedures to follow and any staff training required.

Setting up and communicating a standard operating procedure (SOP) for dealing with concerns and complaints will reduce your team’s anxiety about how to deal with these issues when they occur. Ensure all members of the team are aware of this SOP, know when it applies in different situations, understand their responsibilities within this SOP, and know where to go for help if they have any concerns about their responsibilities.

If the concern or complaint is from a parent/carer, ensure all staff is aware that it should be referred up to you as per the procedures in your SOP. If the concern or complaint comes directly to you (e.g. via the telephone or face to face), ensure you follow your SOP.

If you are unsure about anything, always contact someone else for advice (e.g. line manager). Ensure you record any advice you seek or receive in your training logbook or other records so that if the matter is investigated, it can be shown that people acted in accordance with the processes and procedures you have in place.

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