5.2 Use evidence-based research to identify best practices in outcome-based and person-centered approaches

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 5: Person-centred practice for positive outcomes

LO5: Lead continuous improvement in carrying out health and care procedures where required

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5.2 Use evidence-based research to identify best practices in outcome-based and person-centered approaches

Person-centered care is based on the belief that people are the experts in their own lives and should be given the opportunity to make choices about their care. It focuses on meeting the needs of the individual, rather than treating them as faceless members of a group. Outcome-based care is also patient-centered, but it goes one step further by focusing on achieving specific outcomes for each individual.

Care planning is an outcome-based process that uses the patient’s values, preferences, and expressed goals to generate a plan of care that reflects those things which are most important to them. It includes identifying the patient’s desired outcomes, selecting interventions that will help achieve those outcomes, making plans for how to monitor progress towards established goals and adapt care as required, and writing a care plan in collaboration with the patient.

The provision of nursing care in response to identified needs is organized around an individual’s condition and involves assessing and evaluating the person’s present state, identifying outcomes that are important to them, selecting from a range of possible interventions to achieve those desired outcomes. This enables people to have an improved quality of life, better outcomes, and even survival.

The goal of nursing is to help people remain engaged in meaningful activity and relationships while facing illness or life challenges in a holistic manner. Outcome-based models support this philosophy by focusing on achieving positive patient outcomes in a holistic way. This approach is in contrast to the medical model which is disease-oriented and fixated on the illness.

The principles of person-centered care can be applied to nursing practice in a variety of ways. A patient navigator, for example, is a specialized member of the health care team who provides support and assistance to patients and their family members as they navigate complex health systems which can compromise their ability to achieve optimal health outcomes.

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