4.2 Evaluate policies, systems, processes and practices that promote equality, diversity and inclusion

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 5: Person-centred practice for positive outcomes

LO4: Champion equality, diversity and inclusion to achieve positive outcomes

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4.2 Evaluate policies, systems, processes and practices that promote equality, diversity and inclusion

Evaluation of policies, systems, processes, and practices that promote equality, diversity, and inclusion is an important part of health and adult care services. There are also many initiatives undertaken by health care organizations, which aim to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion. These initiatives should be evaluated in order to ensure effective implementation. The following recommendations were identified by the evidence review teams as relevant when evaluating policies, systems, processes, and practices that promote equality, diversity, and inclusion:

  • Ensure that policies, systems, processes, and practices are evaluated through an equity lens. This includes determining whether or not certain groups have been disproportionately affected by the policy, system, process, or practice being examined.
  • Ensure that evaluation of policies is carried out using a human rights framework. The Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights has developed principles to guide states undertaking an evaluation of policies. These principles were developed in the context of national-level policy but can be applied at higher levels within health care organizations or between organizations.
  • Evaluate existing policies by reviewing how well they meet the needs and preferences of diverse groups in order to inform any necessary changes.
  • Ensure evaluation processes are transparent and accessible. This includes consulting and involving people who will be impacted by policies and adapting processes as necessary to accommodate for any barriers.
  • Ensure that the evaluation process considers the diversity of perspectives and experiences at all stages, including identifying specific groups whose perspective may be missing from an analysis; consultation with these groups; and their integration into reporting, recommendations, and implementation
  • Ensure that the evaluation process is participatory, for example by including people who are likely to be impacted by the policy; consulting with relevant groups; and including their input in reporting and recommendations.

Ensure that the evaluation process is designed to be respectful of diversity, for example by using inclusive language and terminology; consulting with people who are affected by policies; and reporting in a manner that is sensitive to diverse groups.

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