3.5 Champion accountability when carrying out health and care procedures

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 5: Person-centred practice for positive outcomes

LO3: Lead practice in appropriate health and care methods to achieve person-centred outcomes

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3.5 Champion accountability when carrying out health and care procedures

Champion accountability is the accountability of service users to maintain the highest possible standards in their involvement with health and care services. Champion accountability promotes an open culture of feedback and protects the rights of service users, enabling them to influence health care provision. It is characterized by mutual respect, dignity, and compassion between the people who use services and those delivering their care.

Champion accountability recognizes that service users are experts in their own lives, and gives them the right to challenge poor practice without fear of recrimination.

Service users should be clear about who is championing for them when they are involved in health care procedures.  Guidelines on good communication should be followed so that everyone understands what participation means for them both during and after the procedure.

There are a few key things that your staff need to be aware of in order to ensure they understand their accountability when undertaking health and care procedures. These include:

  • Understanding the importance of reporting any concerns or incidents as soon as possible, in order to ensure that the health and safety of patients is not compromised in any way;
  • Knowing and following the correct reporting procedures; and
  • Being aware of their own individual responsibilities with regards to safeguarding patients.

Your staff should also be made aware of the disciplinary actions that may be taken if they do not comply with these procedures.

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Ensuring that service users can make their own decisions and understand the implications of those decisions is key to champion accountability. Service users should be encouraged to contribute as much as possible to any procedure involving them, and if they feel threatened or intimidated at any time by another person then this needs to be reported immediately.

Service users need to know that they can trust you and your team to keep any information they disclose confidentially. This includes:

  • Not disclosing service users’ personal information without their permission; and
  • Keeping all documentation in a secure location.

If there is ever any breach of confidentiality then this needs to be acted upon immediately, with procedures put in place to prevent further incidents occurring.

If the procedure involves other stakeholders beyond your care team, for example, GP’s or pharmacists, staff need to be made aware of their own responsibilities in relation to protecting service users. If staff is concerned about another professional they should follow their trust’s policies on how this is dealt with.

If the patient has a named key worker then it may be helpful to put you in contact with them so they can also offer support, although this should be done in a way that does not compromise your service user’s confidentiality.

The procedure is always the responsibility of the professional carrying it out until they have completed it and handed over the care of the patient to another person or department. If a service user feels that they have been treated inappropriately, then their concerns should be reported to the professional direction and the patient’s key worker, if they have one.

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