2.4 Implement systems that encourage engagement

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 4: Relationships & Partnership Working

LO2: Lead effective relationships with those using adult care services and their families

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2.4 Implement systems that encourage engagement

Relationships and partnership working are key to any successful organization. By developing a system that encourages engagement, you create a sense of community and team spirit which will motivate employees to work towards common goals. Shared values and a common purpose are essential for building strong relationships, and these can be nurtured by providing employees with regular opportunities to come together and discuss their work. Regular feedback helps to maintain a positive working relationship, and can also help to identify potential problems before they become too serious.

Instead of allowing employees to work in isolation and away from each other, include them in regular face-to-face meetings and encourage collaboration. Providing opportunities for team bonding exercises will help to build relationships and strengthen the sense of community between colleagues. It is important that you manage these activities with consideration towards individuals’ privacy, diversity, and confidentiality requirements. Inclusion is also a key element of this policy, as everyone should be provided with equal opportunities regardless of age, sex, religious belief, or disability. It is possible to implement policies that support inclusion and diversity while still encouraging engagement among employees.

Including others in the management process means involving people who have a better understanding of an issue and can provide real experience of the consequences of decisions. They will also be able to contribute suggestions that reflect the local situation, and there is a much greater chance of achieving commitment to any course of action if people are involved in its development.

Developing policies that encourage engagement requires you to think about fostering relationships outside working hours. The way your organization relates to the wider community will have a big impact on how employees feel about their place in that world. The more your organization becomes embedded within its local community, the greater your engagement will be with employees and their sense of belonging. This approach helps to maximize productivity by tapping into sources of motivation beyond money and career advancement, which can benefit both individual workers and the organization as a whole.

By exploring new ways of motivating your workforce, you can create a working environment that encourages employees to feel engaged and make the most of their skills. A motivated workforce will be more productive and more likely to achieve the goals you set.

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