2.1 Model open, respectful, and supportive relationships

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 4: Relationships & Partnership Working

LO2: Lead effective relationships with those using adult care services and their families

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2.1 Model open, respectful, and supportive relationships

Leaders and managers set the tone for the rest of the organization by modeling open, respectful, and supportive relationships. When team members see their leaders and managers engaging in positive interactions, it sends a signal that it’s safe to do the same.

Leaders need to be especially mindful of their interactions with subordinates, as lower-level employees may be particularly sensitive to displays of dominance or negativity. Instead, try to create an environment where people feel comfortable taking risks and making mistakes.

Model Open Relationship

Open Relationships are developed by openness, honesty, and authenticity. An open relationship is transparent, relaxed, and relaxed with the aim of collaborating together to achieve goals instead of creating fear or trepidation amongst staff. 

Leaders who practice and open relationship model demonstrate that they are willing to share information about the company’s performance, vision for success, and other critical information. They want to develop a trusting, open relationship with their staff and demonstrate that they can be counted on for support.

Managers who practice an open relationship model listen to what the ideas of their employees are and encourage them to voice opinions.

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Respectful Relationships

Respectful relationships are created by respectfulness, consideration, and empathy.

Leaders and managers who model respectful relationships demonstrate that they value their employees as human beings, not just cogs in the wheel of the company. They show that they respect everyone’s humanity by allowing them to be themselves around their managers or leaders and showing appreciation for what each person brings to the table. Managers and leaders constantly moving forward in a respectful manner build trust and loyalty among their staff.

Supportive Relationships

In a supportive relationship, managers focus on the positive things each member of their team brings to the company. They build up their employees by noticing and reinforcing the good work they do. A manager who practices a supportive style will offer guidance when necessary but will stay out of the way when not needed. He or she knows when to step in and give direction, but also knows that much of the work can be done autonomously by his or her employees.

One of the best ways to build a positive reputation is by modeling open, respectful, and supportive relationships. This will help you develop trust within your organization as others emulate these attitudes and behaviors which can lead them into more effective partnerships working across all departments in an office or company alike.

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