2.4 Evaluate benchmarking techniques used for effective communication and reviewing purposes

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 3: Communication & Information Management in Adult Care

LO2: Develop communication systems and practices which support positive outcomes

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2.4 Evaluate benchmarking techniques used for effective communication and reviewing purposes

Benchmarking is an important tool for identifying areas of improvement. The Department of Health defines it as:

“a process by which comparisons are made between organizations to identify best practices. Benchmarks can focus on service features, business processes, outcome measures or any other aspect of performance that is important to achieving excellence in the provision of health care.”

Benchmarking assesses both internal and external information. Internal information looks at how effective current systems are, whereas external information provides an overall picture of the sector. For example, identifying if similar organizations are providing high-quality care by carrying out their own audits on patient feedback and mortality rates.

Benchmarking is used to identify areas where organizations are performing well, allowing them to be replicated elsewhere. Areas that need improvement can then be looked at in more detail and strategies put in place to ensure they are resolved.

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It is important for organizations to evaluate the current effectiveness of their communication systems and processes. The effectiveness of your communication system can be measured in several ways. You might audit processes, take CPD classes or ask others for feedback on how well they think the current methods work – but make sure that any changes will actually improve things.

benchmarking is essential to see how your department stacks up against other similar-sized organizations in terms of performance and capability. A good leader will promote a workplace culture where learning, openness & innovation are valued which makes this possible by creating an environment where people feel comfortable making comparisons and sharing knowledge and experiences.

For example, you might find that some teams use face-to-face meetings more often than others, or perhaps keep patient notes on paper while others choose to do this electronically. By looking at the reasons why these strategies are successful in other organizations (and therefore where changes could be made within your own organization), you will be able to improve on your own practices.

It is also important to keep up-to-date with new strategies and changes in the healthcare industry so you can remain competitive. Benchmarking is a process that should be regularly monitored – if an organization isn’t making improvements or is falling behind quickly, it could mean they are not keeping up-to-date with industry standards.

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