2.2 Personal Accountability

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 2: Governance and regulatory processes

LO2: Understand internal governance arrangements within own organization

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2.2 Personal Accountability

It is important for individuals within an organization to be accountable for their own actions. This means taking responsibility for their own decisions and actions and being willing to explain and justify their choices. Accountability also involves being answerable to others in the organization, such as managers or board members, for how they have performed.

In order to be effective, accountability must be both personal and collective. Individuals need to be individually accountable for their own actions, while also being part of a team that is collectively accountable for the decisions made and the work done. This allows individuals to share the responsibility for success or failure, while also ensuring that everyone is aware of what is expected of them.

There are a number of benefits to holding individuals accountable for their actions.

  • Firstly, it ensures that decisions are made responsibly and with due consideration to the consequences.
  • Secondly, it encourages creativity and innovation, as individuals are more likely to take risks if they know that they will be held responsible for any resulting failures.
  • Finally, it builds trust amongst employees, as people are more likely to feel secure in their jobs if they know that they will be supported to take responsibility for their own decisions.

However, there are also some potential problems with holding individuals accountable for their actions. Firstly, it can lead to resentment between different levels of management at the organization. This is because the higher levels of management will not be held personally responsible for their decisions, while lower levels of management may have to answer for mistakes that they have made. Secondly, it can lead employees to feel overburdened or overwhelmed by the level of responsibility given to them.

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Accountability requires the person taking responsibility to be trusted with both information and resources. This means that individuals need to act carefully in order not to misuse either of these. They also need to recognize that they are accountable for their own actions, rather than always expecting others within the organization (e.g. managers or customers) to take responsibility for them.

In return for being trusted with information and resources, individuals within an organization need to be willing to take responsibility for their own actions. This includes making careful decisions in order to avoid mistakes and ensuring that they are seen as a good member of the organization.

Individuals must be willing to explain and justify their decisions, even when they know that others within the organization may disagree with them. They need to be prepared to accept constructive criticism and feedback from others, but should not expect that they can escape blame or disciplinary action if their decisions lead to errors or mistakes.

In order to ensure accountability, individuals must also take responsibility for doing what is expected of them. This means knowing what is required from them, being able to explain how they have fulfilled these requirements, and being willing to accept any consequences for not meeting their targets or objectives.

It is important for individuals within an organization to ensure that the decision-making process is transparent. Transparency means that everyone has access to the same information, understands it in the same way, and makes decisions on this basis. This allows for collective accountability, as everyone has a shared understanding of what is happening and why decisions are being made.

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