1.4 Models and methods of decision making in adult care

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care

Unit 10: Decision Making in Adult Care

LO1: Understand how to make effective and positive decisions

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1.4 Models and methods of decision making in adult care

There are various models and methods of decision-making in adult care. The most common model is the consensus model, which involves unanimous votes by all participants to make a decision. This type of decision-making usually results in the best choice for everyone involved. Another popular model is dyadic control, which involves two or more people participating in making decisions together. In this type of management style, each person has an equal say in what happens and can be held accountable if their decisions don’t meet the needs or expectations of their partner(s).

Other models include collaborative planning (where both parties participate), groupthink (where members do not allow themselves to be swayed by outside factors), and matrix (in which individuals are assigned specific roles within a group). Lastly, decision-making by committee occurs when conflicting views are brought up and voted on. In this model, the individuals who contributed their ideas are not only asked to vote if their idea is the best one but also if it is better with some modifications. Some of these models aid people in rational decision-making by ensuring a quality product or ethical decisions, for example, the quality of an institution.

In psychology, there are two main theories on decision making: goal-directed choice and systematic choice.  In the case of goal-directed choice, an individual chooses a behavioral option that is directed by the subjective values of an important defined personal goal. This can result in either optimal or suboptimal solutions when choosing between two behavioral options which embody the same value system (defined as a global choice). In contrast, in the case of systematic choice, there are usually two options that embody the same value systems reflecting the discrepancy between them. This can often lead to either suboptimal or optimal decision solutions when both options emanate from various complex characteristics.

More specifically, in goal-directed choice, general values are defined and modularized as priorities and rules. Significant choices (priorities) are mapped as desired outcomes on the basis of these values. The strategic reasoning of values at this level is termed decision heuristics or hypothesis testing (transforming probabilities) to elicit committed values.

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