4.4 Develop, implement, and review strategies that support positive value-based cultures in teams

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care (RQF)

Unit 1: Leadership & Management in Adult Care

LO4: Provide leadership for a team in an adult care setting

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4.4 Develop, implement, and review strategies that support positive value-based cultures in teams

There are a few different ways to develop, implement, and review strategies that support positive value-based cultures in teams. One way is to create a committee or task force specifically devoted to this issue. This committee can be responsible for developing policies and procedures related to cultural values, as well as for implementing and monitoring these policies. They can also work with team members on an individual basis to help them understand and embrace the organization’s cultural values.

Another way to promote positive values in teams is through training programs. These programs can help team members learn about the organization’s culture, the importance of positive values, and how they can contribute to healthy workplace culture. Training programs can also help team members identify warning signs of a negative cultural environment, such as when team members are afraid to speak up or take action in the name of collaboration.

This can include strategies for action planning and reviewing of achievements against vision with regards to progress made towards goals set out in its strategic plan or mission statement as well ensuring commitment from all members who work within it including leadership roles if they have any responsibility for other people on staff at different levels throughout an enterprise.

Strategies for reviewing progress, the achievement of goals, and the promotion of a positive culture can include:

  • Ensuring that all team members know what is expected of them;
  • Involve senior staff in reviewing key projects carried out by junior staff to ensure they are given clear targets with achievable deadlines. This aims at encouraging ownership, responsibility, and accountability in the achievement of goals by junior staff whilst ensuring that they are given support to achieve them;
  • Promoting teamwork rather than individual effort alone. This strategy is underpinned by the concept of giving praise for team effort rather than individual performance, which is more likely to encourage collaboration amongst members of a team aiming at achieving common goals.

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Planning is an important step in any transformation. This process involves working with stakeholders to identify the changes that need to take place and how they will be implemented. This can include identifying specific strategies, such as the use of training programs, for promoting positive values across teams. The process also requires leaders to ensure that all stakeholders are prepared for change by communicating often about the upcoming changes. Planning also includes making sure everyone understands how their work fits into this bigger picture so it can go off without a hitch.


When planning has been completed, it is time to implement the changes that have been decided upon. This includes launching any training program that will be used throughout the organization or across teams. It also means ensuring team members are reminded of their organization’s cultural values so they understand how they should be working together.

This can be done through communication forums, such as town-hall meetings, or by using company newsletters. In addition, some organizations choose to post these values on a regular basis on intranet sites or other communication tools that will allow all members of the organization to read and understand their values.


No matter how thoroughly a plan has been developed and executed, it is important to review progress on an ongoing basis. This can include reviewing team member input on the training program, such as whether it is effective or not. It may also entail evaluating whether there have been any difficulties created by the organization’s culture that need to be addressed. If so, this can include developing new strategies to address those difficulties or create a more positive working environment. Organizations that work from values-based cultures understand that culture is dynamic and changeable, as long as it’s for the betterment of everyone.

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