4.3 Build team commitment to the service and its values

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care (RQF)

Unit 1: Leadership & Management in Adult Care

LO4: Provide leadership for a team in an adult care setting

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4.3 Build team commitment to the service and its values

Any organization looking to succeed needs a committed team that shares the same values and is willing to work together for the common goal. Team members self-select themselves according to whether they share the values of the service. Quality supports employees in this by ensuring that all managers are committed to developing their team and coaching them, rather than managing by command and control.

Building team commitment starts with the recruitment of new team members. Candidates who demonstrate quality service values are interviewed and carefully selected. The process of selection is very thorough, particularly in customer-facing roles, to ensure that employees with these values will be committed to serving our customers to the highest standards without supervision or close monitoring. This commitment also implies a certain degree of independence and autonomy, allowing employees to exercise their professional judgment and initiative (for example, if they need to solve a problem on behalf of the customer).

Ensure that you are actively promoting the service values amongst your team members, this is achieved by doing the following:

  • Carrying out activities that are consistent with adult care values i.e. celebrating successes, offering support to each other/pat on the back when it’s needed
  • The matching language is used to deliver messages with values e.g. if you value teamwork then be sure to use this word regularly when handing out instructions- “I’m expecting you all to work together and help others and not just focus on individual targets”
  • Represent the service as a whole in any external presentation or activity e.g. community engagement activities, school visits, industry events, etc.

Build your team’s commitment to quality by delivering on these promises:

  • Give people the necessary training and tools, then trust them- provide autonomy, where appropriate. If you want someone to operate independently then it is best to allow them that independence early on in their journey with you. This will build their confidence and also show what they are capable of, which will help with their professional development.
  • Offer your team members opportunities for career progression, they will then feel valued and want to stay with the company. Ensure that team member are aware of what is available to them at all times. This should be done in a non-threatening way i.e. not pushing these opportunities on people or making them feel like they better take this opportunity or not get it. If someone feels that their current role doesn’t offer them these opportunities then they may want to leave, therefore the choice should always be theirs.
  • Mentor and support your team members in developing themselves personally and professionally, professional development should be available for all employees that are willing to develop and take the opportunities presented to them. This will help to create a passionate and committed workforce that is prepared for future challenges.

Any team that has the ability to work together, share knowledge and help each other will be more successful in its mission.

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