3.4 Implement strategies for involving stakeholders and others in decisions about service delivery

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care (RQF)

Unit 1: Leadership & Management in Adult Care

LO3: Lead commitment to a vision for the service

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3.4 Implement strategies for involving stakeholders and others in decisions about service delivery

In this section, you will demonstrate that the way in which service is delivered can be influenced by other people and organizations. This includes engaging with internal stakeholders such as staff or customers while also making an effort towards external engagement through partnerships etcetera.

Involving other stakeholders in decisions about service delivery is important because it ensures that everyone has a voice and that all perspectives are considered. It also allows for collaboration and a sense of shared ownership, which can lead to increased commitment to the project or program.

There are a number of ways to involve stakeholders in decisions about service delivery. One approach is to hold regular meetings or forums where people can share their thoughts and ideas. Another approach is to establish working groups made up of representatives from different stakeholder groups. The group can then work together on developing solutions or recommendations. Finally, it’s also important to solicit feedback from stakeholders on a regular basis, through surveys, for example, so that you can track progress and make necessary adjustments.

Communication strategy – internal/external

The communication strategy should consider the needs of both internal and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders might be staff and volunteers who are likely to have a good understanding of the service area. External partners might include organizations in the community who provide services or resources related to the same goal (e.g., employment support).

Input for this strategy could be: holding regular meetings or forums where people can share their thoughts and ideas with each other, establishing working groups made up of representatives from different stakeholder groups. A suggested output could be a report on the objectives and how they were reached in terms of key factors for success with regards to internal and external stakeholders. ​It is important for you to let those who will receive messages from these communications know what their feedback might do so if it isn’t easy to dialogue internally then speak with individuals one at a time until everything has been cleared up because not all parties need to agree 100% about anything when communicating

Community meetings – internal/external

Community meetings are an important way for the community and staff members to stay updated on what’s going on within your organization. These meetings should be held regularly so that information can be shared and questions answered. It’s important to have a variety of people attending these meetings, including staff members and community representatives. Feedback from the community will help you to be more responsive to their needs while also allowing the community to have a greater understanding of your organization.

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Team/individual meetings

A meeting is a great way for individuals and teams to discuss their roles in implementing the changes. It’s also an effective way of getting feedback on any issues they might have before implementation or at some point during it. The meeting point can be set in advance or when there’s a need to talk about something that has come up during the course of the implementation, using it as a way for staff members to express their issues and concerns.

Feedback processes and procedures in respect of service provision

In order to ensure that the organization is always on track, it should have processes in place for encouraging stakeholders and users alike. All meetings–such as those listed above-are crucial opportunities for people with concerns or feedback about services they’ve received from a company’s representatives to go ahead and share what was a wrong first hand! In addition, there are other ways of obtaining this kind of information such as surveys conducted among your staff members; complaints procedures set out within an agency’s policies/procedures manual which can be accessed through their website if one exists or by contacting them directly.

In addition, it’s important to realize that although you have been entrusted with a leadership role as a manager/director your staff members may also have some input as well as those who use the services being offered so even if the information doesn’t come from one of those sources it is still important to listen and assess whatever feedback is forthcoming.

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