3.3 Create service development plans to support the vision ensuring it is both shared and owned by those implementing and communicating the vision

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care (RQF)

Unit 1: Leadership & Management in Adult Care

LO3: Lead commitment to a vision for the service

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3.3 Create service development plans to support the vision ensuring it is both shared and owned by those implementing and communicating the vision

A service development plan is a strategic document that supports the goals and objectives of an organization. You will need to demonstrate your understanding of how this plays into our current organizational vision, as well as show us what work still needs doing when it comes time to implement these ideas in practice with stakeholders involved at every step along the way.

What is a Service Development Plan?

A service development plan is a strategic document that supports the goals and objectives of an organization. It creates a road map for how services will be delivered to meet the needs of its clients over a set period of time. This allows the organization to monitor and measure progress against its service development plan.

There are several steps involved when creating any type of SDI (service delivery improvement) strategy including analyzing current problems affecting customers’ experience with one’s organization; identifying opportunities for meeting changing customer expectations through improved quality, quantity/frequency, etc.; aligning these strategies according to organizational values & goals as well as policies already decided upon locally, regionally, and nationally; and, lastly, selecting & sequencing activities which could be implemented to address the earlier-listed concerns.

When developing a service, it is important to look at the following areas:

Management meetings

During the planning process, you should meet with other managers and members of your team. These meetings can be invaluable in making sure that everyone understands their role within this new strategy for success. The meetings should be used to detail what everyone’s roles and responsibilities will be, as well as the timeline for when specific tasks need to be completed.

You should also be meeting with managers of other teams that will be affected by this new strategy for success. By communicating with these individuals, you can ensure that they are on board with the necessary changes and believe in the new strategy just as much as you do. This will help ensure that everyone is prepared to work together to accomplish the goals laid out in the service development plan.

The involvement of your team members will be necessary for both the planning and implementation stages of the plan. Keep them in the loop throughout both of these phases, even if some information is sensitive or confidential. Keeping everyone on your team up-to-date will help ensure that they are just as committed to this new strategy for success as you are.

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Staff supervision

In order to achieve a successful service development plan, it is vital for staff members and team leaders alike to have open communication about the goals. In these one-to-one sessions with their supervisor or managers, they can ask questions that might be difficult at group meetings without feeling embarrassed about what you’re asking them in front of peers while also discussing personal job roles that fit into the overall direction.

Achieving this balance between privacy and transparency will ultimately lead us closer to reaching our goal of developing sustainable services through effective collaboration.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is a process that can often lead to changes in the way an organization works. These could include changing your organizational structure, job roles, and responsibilities or other aspects of how you do things around here (the company), like policies and procedures for instance. But if we want this transition period where people are getting used to all these new tasks without any problems. Well then it needs some careful preparation beforehand; otherwise, there will be chaos when they finally implement those plans at hand.

A lot goes into prepping employees before major updates come down from on high because once again- only by consulting every single person involved would one hope to succeed in any new-found mission for this company.

Research and development activities

Services should be designed to meet the needs of service users, not just input data. This process starts by conducting research so that any proposals for development can be backed up with evidence-based knowledge and understanding from interviews or surveys conducted among your customers (and their families). This will give you a better idea of what they want or need from your organization, and in turn, you can design services that are more effective.

The best way to keep track of this research is by making use of a service design logbook. This will help you not only organize your notes from group meetings but also catalog what you have learned from all those one-on-one sessions with customers and other professionals who work in the industry.

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