2.4 Systems that establish a culture of continual learning and development in the care setting

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care (RQF)

Unit 1: Leadership & Management in Adult Care

LO2: Understanding the importance of leadership and management in adult care settings

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2.4 Systems that establish a culture of continual learning and development in the care setting

In order to ensure that the staff in care settings are up-to-date with knowledge, skills, and understanding of current legislation they should engage regularly in learning opportunities.

Learning new things can help improve your confidence as well as increase competence in fulfilling one’s role of providing high-quality support for the residents at home or elsewhere they are placed.

The Care Certificate

The Care Certificate is a comprehensive list of standards that care workers should meet in order to provide an excellent level of service. It’s important you deliver this certificate as part of your induction process for new staff, so it will need some planning ahead. Leverage the Certificate to create a culture of learning and development.

The intention behind creating these qualifications was mainly twofold: firstly they provide your employees with core competencies needed while performing in-service training on them secondarily over time many may progress towards acquiring further certificates or even degree qualifications through studying independently once qualified.

Manager Induction Standards

In order to ensure that the manager will be able to provide a high level of support and development for staff, the manager induction standards have been developed. They include all important aspects of being a manager of care workers who have responsibilities beyond their immediate scope of practice, knowledge, and skill set.

Mentoring programs may provide useful assistance when assisting new managers to learn about their role more quickly than otherwise possible by allowing them access to on-the-job training hours spent collaborating directly with experienced professionals through discussion topics like “What challenges did I face today?”

Reflective practice

Reflective practice is a powerful way to develop both current and future managers’ knowledge of management, supervision, coordination, human resources aspects, legislation, etc. Reflective practice involves managers in exploring their own thoughts, feelings, and actions that come up during the course of completing a set of tasks. This process often leads to new insights about themselves and also provides them with an opportunity to appreciate how they influence others.

This type of self-reflection helps managers to better understand their own values, attitudes, and behaviors which can be a powerful tool for planning how they will support the staff.

Continuing training and development for self and others:

You are the manager of your own team. You must ensure that everyone knows what they need to do and has all relevant knowledge, skills, or understanding for their role if you want them (and yourself) to be successful in this position full time; but beyond managing people it’s important not just one thing at once – so make sure everything aligns with how well someone will perform on their job duties.

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