1.3 Barriers between leadership and management theory and their application, including strategies to address barriers

Course: NVQ Level 5 Diploma In Leadership & Management for Adult Care (RQF)

Unit 1: Leadership & Management in Adult Care

LO1: Understand the application of theories of leadership & management

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1.3 Barriers between leadership and management theory and their application, including strategies to address barriers

You will be required to engage in a major, independent piece of professional research under the supervision of an expert in the field. You will need to identify a problem or challenge for an organization and propose a novel solution, supported by contemporary leadership and management theory.

Strategic Management

Strategic management is a holistic management approach, which aims at achieving the long-term goals of an organization. It is also known as strategic thinking.

Strategic Management is the exercise of identifying an organization’s internal strengths, weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats; selecting priorities for each; and allocating suitable resources to achieve stated objectives. It is a proactive decision-making approach, which aims at achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

A strategic plan is a driving force behind any business. It guides you in making decisions, setting goals, and allocating resources to achieve them efficiently within your organization with an eye on future developments or changes that may occur throughout this process.

Barriers might be formed if a manager lacks the competence to set a strategic plan, or if there is no professional planning at all.

In the case of an organization with a straightforward hierarchical structure, where managers have their subordinates under them, barriers may occur because lower-level workers may not be willing to follow the new strategic steps of their managers. In this case, it might be very difficult for managers to work out a proper strategy to motivate their subordinates.

Managing individuals/performance management

Performance management is an essential part of team cohesion, and it’s necessary to provide praise for strengths while helping employees improve their weaknesses.

Barriers might be formed if the manager doesn’t manage the team effectively, and there is no communication between employees and their managers. If individuals are not focused on their roles or responsibilities then managers will need to take charge with positive reinforcement in order to keep them accountable; rewarding good performance can go a long way.

Managing teams

Managers must learn how to deal with conflict. If a disagreement between team members worsens, it could lead the group apart and create more work for an individual person or manager who has dealt poorly with handling these situations before.

Managing conflicts within teams are essential in order not only to maintain morale but also to prevent any future disagreements from occurring due to them festering into larger problems down the line.

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Managing change

Management of change is an important part of any organization. For example, if there are changes to be implemented and they’re not well-understood by staff or accepted easily then these could result in the implementation being done incorrectly; this would lead people feeling frustrated because nothing changed as expected despite their best efforts.

Maintaining stability while adapting can present challenges for managers who want different things from day-to-day (not just strategic). Staying grounded also helps during times when decisions need quick input/policy alignment responses from you, and it’s also vital to maintaining a good relationship with the rest of the business.

Managing quality

Managing quality is about maintaining an effective system for reviewing and approving work, which can lead to delays or poorly communicated decisions if mishandled. If we find any areas in need, it’s our job as managers or leaders to identify needed changes so everyone can get on board with these improvements without worrying about why things changed from one week to another.

Strategies to overcome barriers

Here are some strategies that may be used to overcome these barriers:

Individual professional development

Every manager’s responsibility is to create a work environment that encourages productivity and success. Managers can improve job satisfaction by helping their team members reach personal goals, establish clear expectations of one another in order for everyone involved with achieving these desires together; this includes developing professional development through training guidelines or supervision so staff is confident about how they’re performing at the home base too as well any difficulties if there might be something preventing them from doing better than expected. By addressing barriers before problems arise, managers increase engagement rates while also reducing turnover costs due to employee stress levels.

Individual SWOT analysis of service delivery and teams

A SWOT analysis is a tool that is used to identify:

  • Strengths that can be used as a competitive advantage
  • Weaknesses that may put the individual or team at risk, and
  • Opportunities and threats to exploit and/or avoid.

SWOT analysis is particularly useful with teams because it helps people understand how they work, so they can use their strengths to improve their weaknesses. This then allows them to position themselves or their teams in the best way possible for any opportunities that come along.

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Individual self-reflection

Self-reflection allows people to critically assess their own behavior and actions, which can help them identify whether they’re helping provide good or bad direction to their team members. If managers find themselves instructing their people on where the company is going wrong instead of how to fix problems, this could lead to a breakdown in communication if the staff doesn’t feel valued enough to share their own experiences in improving the business.

Individual and team action planning

An action plan is a set of steps that need to be taken to achieve a certain objective. This helps individuals or teams determine what they can do to improve their environment, and then prioritize these tasks into things that should be done “today”, “tomorrow”, or later on down the line depending on their importance. Furthermore, many teams like having a “weekly goal” at a bare minimum to keep them on track with their own personal and team goals.

Individual management coaching and mentoring

A coaching and mentoring relationship is a more formal, goal-oriented form of support for less experienced staff to become confident in their role.

Mentors offer experiential knowledge as well as expertise from the industry they work within; mentors also need not have first-hand experience with what it takes to excel at that occupation because coaches will provide advice related only to how best to achieve those objectives. Coaches sometimes assist individuals who may lack confidence or Self Esteem.

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