You are required to show your understanding of the importance of strategy in business: Management Report, BU, UK

University BPP University (BU)
Subject Management

MSc Management with Project Management


This business project assessment will require a 5000-word consultancy report on your chosen company. Your chosen company is your client who has asked you to provide the consultancy report.

The report should cover the following key areas:

1. Introduction

2. Challenges / problems the client is facing: Identified issues with how this is connected to the current affairs. Plus, an examination of the problem from the consultant’s perspectives

3. Purpose of the report

4. Stakeholder analysis – need to analyse how current issues are impacting on stakeholders.

5. Evaluation and analysis with secondary data

6. Recommendations/solutions to the problem.

You are required to show your understanding of the importance of strategy in business. You will also need to discuss how your project would impact stakeholders and provide relevant recommendations or solutions which could be of value to your chosen organization.

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