Write a Report That Analyses Emergency Service Workers’ Mental Health the report should be structured as follows: Mental health and wellbeing in Public services Report, UK


According to The Times (2018), almost 1 in 10 officers and support staff in the Greater Manchester Police force accessed mental health services following the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 with 12 officers and staff being diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

You are the welfare officer for an emergency service of your choice (Police), and you have been tasked to review the incident above and how this impacted upon your service workers’ mental health.

Task 1
Write a report that analyses emergency service workers’ mental health. The report should be structured as follows Briefly contextualize your case study and signpost this around the focus of your report

Section 1: Factors that influence mental health and wellbeing

Assess social and psychological factors resulting from your case that may impact an emergency service worker.
Review the PERMA model of wellbeing and evaluate this model on the effectiveness of how your case was responded to.

Section 2: The value of early intervention

Explore early warning signs of stress and the ways in which public services support employees Analyze the benefits of early intervention on your emergency responders’ mental health

Section 3: Strategies to promote mental health & build resilience

Appraise a social media strategy that your emergency responders might use to cope with stress and build resilience.

Describe how emergency service workers’ mental health is supervised after responding to your chosen case and analyze the impact of policy in promoting emergency workers’ mental health

Conclusion :
As the welfare officer, produce a plan of tips and techniques that will help your emergency service workers remain stress-free after responding to your chosen case. This should be informed by your inquiry into this report.

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