Provide a Brief Contextualisation for the Report the Aim of the Research Presented in the Report and the Guiding Research Question: Psychology Report UoP, UK

University University of Plymouth(UoP)
Subject Psychology

Introduction: Provide a brief contextualisation for the report, the aim of the research presented in the report, and the guiding research question. Your aim should be stated in a manner that is appropriate to the methods you are using. Method Describe the design of the study (e.g. qualitative, interview-based, thematic, etc) and your epistemological approach.

Remember to JUSTIFY these, and don’t just describe them. You should describe the way that the data has been collected (individual interview, focus group, etc), who the participants were, and draw on methodological literature to justify those choices. I do know that for some of the provided data sets, this information is quite limited, so don’t worry too much if you don’t have all the practical detail you might otherwise include in the method section.

Describe the analytic approach. What form of analysis have you used, and why. What steps did you follow in conducting the analysis? Bring this to life – don’t just describe the steps as written in a handbook, use examples to illustrate what you have done, and how the analysis progressed. If you have generated your own data, you will require a section describing ethical issues in the study. This is NOT required for reports based on the provided data, though you may include a section on ethics if you wish. Please note you cannot ‘recycle’ data for other assignments – so the data you develop for this assignment cannot be used as part of your dissertation or doctoral research. Analysis Introduce your analysis and present your themes.

Given the tight word count, I would suggest you present 2 or 3 themes, supported by 2 or 3 quotes from your data. You can include a theme table or similar graphic structure in the appendix to further support your analysis. Discussion and Conclusion Summarise your key findings, discuss the implications of your work, and the limitations of your study. If relevant make suggestions for future research emerging from your study.

DATASETS: Children who have experienced domestic abuse Choose 3 items from the interviews and photovoice provided. (e.g. 3 interviews OR 2 interviews and 1 photovoice OR 3 photovoice

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