MN3119: You should aim to select the organization and specific industry in which you have a strong personal interest: Strategy Report, UOL, UK

University University of London (UOL)
Subject MN3119: Strategy

You should aim to select the organization and specific industry in which you have a strong personal interest. You may gauge your interest if you see yourself working for the firm or in this industry or even you may be considering launching a start-up in this industry.

Question 1: Using Porter’s five forces and PEST framework analyze the main forces that have an impact on profitability in the chosen industry. Pay particular attention to how these forces have evolved as a result of COVID-19.

Question 2: What are the unique resources and capabilities that give your chosen firm the market power to compete effectively in this fiercely competitive market? Evaluate the effectiveness of these resources and capabilities in home and global markets

Question 3:  Identify and discuss the business models which are emerging in the industry as a result of COVID-19 and or the unfolding of rare events in Europe. Having discussed the industry context, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen firm’s business model. You may want to consider both near and long-term possibilities.

Question 4: If you were invited to a lunch with the board members of the firm with a specific mandate to provide a set of strategic recommendations for the short, medium, and long term that will enable the firm to build resilience and a sustainable competitive position in global markets, what would your strategic recommendations consist of? Pay specific attention to rare events and/or megatrends in the industry. You can apply frameworks from the blue ocean strategy to discuss the moves your chosen firm may make.

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