Using a SWOT analysis, critically examine the internal and external environment: English Case Study, UK

University Lancaster University (LU)
Subject English

Part 1 

Read and analyze the case study that follows, which you have already seen in TMA 01. Take into account your tutor’s feedback on TMA 01 when writing this analysis.


Using a SWOT analysis, critically examine the internal and external environment of Boots, a health and beauty retailer and pharmacy chain in the UK, as described in the case study below. Finish your analysis by providing recommendations to Boots about the important issues it needs to address and the actions it needs to take for business success.

This part of the TMA is intended to assess your ability to analyze a business case study by applying the SWOT framework. You are also required to demonstrate how you have applied your tutor’s feedback on TMA 01 to this second assignment.

Part 1 of your assignment should be 900 words in length and you should keep to within 10 percent above or below this limit. Any figures, diagrams, and tables should be included in the body of the main text and will form part of the total word count. However, the reference list does not contribute to the word limit.

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