5HRO2: You are a member of the people practice team within “SunEnergy”. You have been asked to help the team understand: Talent Management and Workforce Planning Case Study, UoM, UK

University University of Manchester(UoM)
Subject 5HR02: Talent Management and Workforce Planning

You are a member of the people practice team within “SunEnergy”. You have been asked to help the team understand labor market trends and the impact the changing labor market has on resourcing decisions.

We have worked to embed this sustainability commitment into our strategy, business processes, and decision-making.

We aim to provide more and cleaner energy solutions responsibly – in a way that balances short- and long-term interests, and that integrates economic, environmental, and social considerations.

To become more competitive in the global energy sector, “SunEnergy” is moving into more sustainable energy sources and therefore needs to reconsider its resource and talent planning needs.

The main objective of sustainability is to reduce environmental impact in ways that are sustainable for the earth and for the person.

The oil and gas industry is making progress in becoming more sustainable, using innovative technologies such as wind, solar, or hydrogen that will cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Using “SunEnergy” as an example for this assignment let’s assume they currently have two main people practice objectives:

  • The first is to recruit staff who have the capabilities and skills to help
    “SunEnergy” moves into these new areas of business.
  • The second is to retain existing staff who are being poached by competitors.

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