Nurse prescribing is a concept originally initiated within1980’s and was a reccomendation highlighted: case study, UOE, UK

Nurse prescribing is a concept originally initiated within   1980’s and was a reccomendation highlighted in the Cumberlege Report used as a measure to reduce General Practitioner (GP) and attendance and help to make care cost-effective (Cope et al 2016 and Courtenay, 2018). Prescribing is a complex and high-risk skill that can be prone to error (Royal College Of Nurses (RCN), 2014.

Evidence suggests NMP are safe and effective, literature suggests educational programs for NMP are operating satisfactorily so much so the NMC is looking to include prescribing knowledge and skills in undergraduate nurse education; to support and increase the number of NMP (Latter et al.

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2010; Smith, 2014 and NMC, 2017). However there are some concerns among General Practitioners (GP) literature suggests a lack of understanding between GPs and the role of the NMP due to a lack of confidence, uncertaincy and fear of NMP and the potential threat of overprescribing or prescribing beyond their level of competence (Herklots et al 2015 and Courtenay et al, 2011).

Opposing literature suggests patients  favour a GP over consultation to NP and criticizes how GP’s in some cases over[rescribe therefore; it is arguable how patient expectation and scrutiny to NP consultation is greater because of this (Rowbotham, 2012 and Courtenay, 2018). Discrepancy is inevitable as GP’s and NP are independent prescribers within their own right, level of competence and scope of practice however; despite critics NMP qualifications have proved to be effective, safe and quality care (Latter et al 2012; Cope et al 2016).

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