U14883 Understanding Business Organisations, Case study, CCCU, UK

University Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU)
Subject U14883 Understanding Business Organisations

Assignment task:

  1. Demonstrate sound knowledge and understanding of a variety of business types and their functions.
  2. Appreciate the impact of functional management activities on organisations and the people within those organisations.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of major forces and themes that shape contemporary businesses.

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Case Study structure:

Give an overview of the organisation and what you are going to cover in your case study. It should include an account of your chosen organisation, briefly describing its history, business activities, and the current context. You should also outline the structure of your case study.

Business Organisational purposes

Under this heading, you will define and explain the organisational purposes, mission, and vision. Examine the key aspects of the purpose and identify some of the major objectives.

Organisational Structure 

Under this heading, you will discuss the organisational structure of the organisation. It should include an analysis of the type of organisationalstructure (i.e., tall structure, flat structure, or matrix structure) of your chosen organisation. Your discussion should include how that structure benefits an organisation and what are the drawbacks of this structure. You are advised to include a picture of the structure of the organisation to support your explanations.

Organisational functions 

Here students are expected to define organisational function and discuss three core functions related to their case study (i.e. their chosen organisation). In addition, discuss how the three chosen business functions interrelate to
impact the organisation.

Organisational culture
Define culture, how the culture develops and mention 4 types of culture. Discuss organisational culture and how it impacts on the success of an organisation.

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