Advise how you would have planned the project given your choice of life cycle and methodology: Project Management Techniques Case Study, UON, UK

University University of Northampton ( UON)
Subject Project Management Techniques


This assignment has two parts, please make sure both parts are completed. The first part asks that with justification you:

• Advise how you would have planned the project given your choice of life
cycle and methodology
• Evaluate and recommend tools that you would use to plan the project
• Advise what you would monitor including how frequently and what methods you would recommend for monitoring and controlling the progress of the project
• Evaluate methods and make recommendations regarding how you would have approached bringing the project back on schedule
• Advise how a project should be closed

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In the second part,

he has asked you to summarise the role and the responsibilities of the project manager within such a project and to advise the key skills and knowledge required by a person to undertake this role so that he can minimize the risk of future project failure. Given the staff he currently has, would you recommend
that he train internal personnel or contract out? If the latter, recommend what type of contract should be in place and why.

It is important to Woody that you justify your choices and recommendations with reference to best practice, theory, and research undertaken into effective project management.

Learning Outcomes

• To critically analyze risk, change, and governance arrangements within PRINCE 2 and Prince 2 Agile.
• To explain, and critically analyze governance arrangements and identify the facets of a project manager’s roles and responsibilities that align with project methodology, organizations, and stakeholder requirements.

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