A “people professional” typically refers to an individual working in the field of human resources (HR) or people management: Professional Behavior’s and Valuing People Case Study, OU, UK

University Oakwood University (OU)
Subject Professional Behavior's and Valuing People

A “people professional” typically refers to an individual working in the field of human resources (HR) or people management. As such, there are several essential responsibilities and behaviors expected from someone in this role:

Recruitment and selection form a fundamental aspect of a people professional’s role. They are required to have a comprehensive understanding of the job market, including in-demand skills and experience. By developing effective job descriptions and posting job ads, they attract potential candidates. Furthermore, they screen resumes, conduct interviews, and assess candidates’ suitability in order to make informed hiring decisions. Effective recruitment and selection processes are vital for acquiring the right talent to meet organizational needs. (CIPD, 2021)

Training and development are essential components of being a people professional. Identifying employees’ training needs is crucial in order to enhance their skills and performance. People professionals are responsible for creating engaging and effective training programs. They deliver training sessions and provide ongoing coaching and support to ensure that employees can apply what they have learned effectively. By investing in employee development, people professionals contribute to a skilled and motivated workforce. (CIPD, 2021)

Managing employee relations is another critical aspect of being a people professional. This involves handling conflicts and grievances in a timely and effective manner. Open and transparent communication with employees is essential, ensuring that they feel heard and valued. Establishing and implementing policies and procedures that promote a positive work environment contributes to employee satisfaction and engagement. (CIPD, 2021)

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Performance management is a key responsibility of people professionals. They set clear performance goals and provide regular feedback to employees. Conducting fair and objective performance evaluations enables them to identify areas for improvement and support employees in reaching their full potential. Development of performance improvement plans and offering coaching and support further enhance employee performance. (CIPD, 2021)

Compliance with employment laws and regulations is central to the role of a people professional. They must have a solid understanding of relevant legislation and develop policies and procedures that align with legal requirements. Staying updated with changes in the law and ensuring organizational adaptability is crucial for maintaining compliance. (CIPD, 2021)

Also these specific activities, people professionals must build strong relationships with employees, managers, and stakeholders. Actively listening to feedback, effective communication, and collaboration contribute to achieving common goals. Maintaining confidentiality and handling sensitive information discreetly are also vital aspects of their role. (CIPD, 2021)

Personal and ethical values have a significant impact on how people professionals conduct themselves and make decisions in their human resources or people management roles. These values guide their interactions with employees and other stakeholders, as well as their overall approach to managing an organization.

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Personal values are deeply held beliefs and principles that influence how people professionals approach their work. EX, if someone values fairness and equality, they will strive to treat employees equitably and provide equal opportunities. Respect for diversity and inclusion can also shape their practices, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. (CIPD, 2021)

Ethical values provide a framework for making ethical decisions and behaving ethically in the workplace. For instance, individuals who value integrity and honesty will prioritize ethical conduct, ensuring confidentiality and fairness in their processes. Upholding ethical values establishes trust and credibility within the organization, as employees are treated with dignity and respect. (CIPD, 2021)

Applying personal and ethical values in people practice means aligning actions and decisions with these values. For instance, when addressing employee grievances, professionals who value empathy and fairness will approach the situation with understanding and seek a fair resolution. Similarly, during the hiring process, those who value meritocracy and equal opportunities will focus on selecting candidates based on qualifications, rather than biases.

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Personal and ethical values also shape the development and implementation of policies and procedures. For example, if someone values work-life balance and employee well-being, they may advocate for flexible working arrangements and wellness programs to support employees’ overall needs.

Moreover, personal and ethical values guide people professionals in navigating ethical dilemmas. They serve as a moral compass, helping professionals make decisions that align with their values and are ethically sound. This involves considering the potential impact of decisions on employees, stakeholders, and society as a whole. (CIPD, 2021)

By applying these values, people professionals create a positive and ethical work environment that respects employees, promotes diversity, and supports integrity.

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