5OS02: You are a learning and development consultant who has been contracted by a relatively large organisation: Advances in digital learning and development Report, UK

Subject 5OS02: Advances in digital learning and development

Case study

You are a learning and development consultant who has been contracted by a relatively large organisation that, in the past, outsourced its L&D function. It is now looking to expand its in-house L&D offering and is keen to utilise the new learning technologies that are available. You have effectively been given a ‘clean sheet’ in which to work from, as the only people directly involved will be you and a newly appointed L&D Manager.

The task, as described by the People Director in their Annual Plan to the Board, is to look at how the organisation can “do L&D differently and deliver to the masses”.

For Task 1, you have been asked to create a presentation to be delivered at the organisation’s Annual Conference, which will be attended by all senior leaders and managers of the organisation. Your presentation will introduce them to the concepts of ‘Digital Learning & Development Transformation’.

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Task 1 – Annual conference presentation pack and supporting notes

You need to create a 20-minute presentation for the organisation’s annual conference. This will be shared among all attending senior leaders and managers within the organisation to help them understand the digital learning and development transformation that you will be leading within the organisation over the next 18 months. As part of this activity, you will need to:

  1. Evaluate how the development of technology, along with digital collaboration, has impacted the design and delivery of learning and development over the past five years (AC 1.1).
  2. Evaluate at least one risk and one challenge that technology-based learning and development poses to:
  • Organisations, and how these could be addressed (part of AC 1.2)
  • L&D professionals, and how these could be addressed (part of AC 1.2)
  • Learners, and how these could be addressed (part of AC 1.2)
  1. Assess the following five different types of digital learning content, ‘explainer videos’, PDFs, infographics, e-learning and scenarios. Discuss when these types may be applied in learning and add in an overview as to the benefit the learner receives from this type of digital learning content (AC 2.1).
  2. Evaluate three attributes that you would consider to help you to choose the right digital learning content to maximise the impact on learner engagement and how you would ensure that the content meets the identified learning need (AC 2.2).

Task 2 – “Showcasing” digital facilitated learning using a live online learning system

The content of this digital facilitated presentation could be directed towards any learning topic, outcome, or objective of your choice.

However, if you are struggling for ideas, you could choose any topic from the Fire Safety at Work topic list below, covering any topic of your choice from those listed below:

  • Legal responsibility under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Fire prevention covering relevant aspects related to your business and premises
  • Live Fire Simulator and use of Fire Extinguishers* (Digital Online Synchronous Session)
  • Real-life case studies
  • Fire safety checklists
  • The ‘fire triangle’ and the spread of fire
  • Electrical safety in the workplace
  • Compartmentation in properties
  • Kitchen fire safety
  • Improving fire safety
  • Evacuation strategies
  • Fire service/brigade liaison and requirements
  • Grab bags and their importance
  • PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans)
  • COSHH/DSEAR regulations
  • Comprised escape route strategies including safe room

Part A – Digital Facilitated Presentation

As part of this activity, you will need provide

  • Demonstrate online facilitation skills within a live online learning activity where (AC 3.4)

Part B – A written response to the following Assessment Criteria:

Considering the online delivery method, (these could be Cisco Webex, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, or others of your choice), that you may, or could, have used for your Digital Facilitated Presentation, compare two other potential systems for delivering live online learning activities. The comparison should include:

  • Their key ‘facilitation functions’, or functionalities, and their strengths and weaknesses as live online learning delivery methods (AC 3.1)
  • Discuss how facilitation of a live online learning activity can differ from facilitation of a face-to-face learning activity and the implications of this for: (AC 3.2)
    1. Facilitators
    2. Learners
    3. Learning administration
  • Assess three main facilitation skills required to facilitate live online learning, then pick one that you wish to develop further and provide yourself with a SMART Development Objective to add to your PDP in support of that knowledge/skill development (AC3.3)

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