Unit 35: Developing Individuals, Teams, and Organisations assignment sample-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

The aim of this unit is to provide students with the opportunity for self- reflection, where they will recognize their own professional development as just one route in improving performance. They’ll also gain awareness about context and how learning needs are linked back into interventions that support an organizations’ strategy – all while completing coursework based on what interests them most. Successful completion leads not only towards greater knowledge but also helps equip Campusizar’s future leaders so we can make a difference right here at home and abroad.

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Assignment Solution on Developing Individuals, Teams, and Organisations in the UK

The development of an individual’s, team’s, or organization’s skillsets is a long process that requires dedication and focus. It also relies on the right tools for the job to be successful. This article will explore how we can develop individuals, teams, and organizations in order to reach their goals and make them more productive.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit a student will be able to:

Analyze employee knowledge, skills, and behaviors required by HR professionals

The first step in an analysis of appropriate knowledge, skill, and behavior is recognizing what the company requires for success. A job description not only serves as a communication tool between employer and employee but also highlights expectations from personnel. It can also serve to clarify the skills required to perform effectively in a certain position within the organization or business. Careful analysis of this document should yield clarity on knowledge, skill level, personal attributes, and behavioral traits that are requisite for successful performance at all levels of employment both during and after recruitment.

Segmented career paths exist that may determine how people progress through regular succession planning processes which emphasize compatibility with senior managers’ own range of skills (so there will be more employees who share them) than among lower-down levels of management. To be successful in the hiring process, job applicants must possess certain skills and abilities listed by the employer in an advertisement or a job description. It is similar to other marketing tasks such as feature and benefits advertising.

Analyze the factors to be considered when implementing and evaluating inclusive learning and development to drive sustainable business performance

Inclusive workplaces are not just about creating diversity and inclusion, but also about building an environment where all employees feel they belong.

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The benefits of inclusive work environments can be seen in the increase in productivity, improved team cohesion, and better employee engagement. However, it is important to note that organizations need to assess what is driving their need for inclusion and take a holistic approach when implementing effective strategies that will ultimately lead to sustainable business performance.

Apply knowledge and understanding to the ways in which high-performance working (HPW) contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage

High performer management or HPM is a people-centered approach that focuses on three key areas of employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Paying attention to not only the quantitative but also the qualitative aspects of benchmarks which, when properly used contribute to a high-performance organization. The philosophy is based on building performance capability through HR programs that motivate employees, build skills and equip them with analytical tools needed for strategic decision-making. It is an extension of the Leadership Development or LD process and covers in its scope areas beyond leadership roles such as Human Resource Management, Organizational Performance/Evaluation, Objectives Setting Systems for self-direction at work so that individuals become accountable for their actions.

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Evaluate ways in which performance management, collaborative working, and effective communication can support high-performance culture and commitment

Performance management, collaborative working, and effecting change are three things that will help you create a high-performance culture in your organization. The way we communicate with one another can have an influence on the level of performance within our team and how committed employees feel to their company’s goals. If there is a disconnect between what people need from their manager or supervisor, then it may be difficult for them to stay motivated or perform at their best levels.  Communication skills are key when trying to build a strong relationship with your team members so they know that they are valued not only as individuals but also as part of the whole. When this happens, everyone wins!

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