Unit 51: Executive Recruitment Solutions Assignment Sample-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

This is a unit for students to learn about jobs and preparing for them. They can learn about how headhunters are people who help find new employees for high-level positions in companies. They do this by looking through social media and meeting with people face-to-face.

The aim of this unit is to introduce students to the skills they need for executive recruitment. We will talk about what jobs are available and how recruiters find them. Students will learn about the process of executive recruitment, and how to manage clients’ expectations. They’ll also get a chance to do an assignment on their own.

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit a student will be able to:

Explain the nature and scope of the recruitment industry

The recruitment industry matches people with jobs and companies. Companies need to recruit staff as much as early-stage investors may need to fund their startup company’s needs.

The placement world runs on a referral basis. It is when one person recommends another person for a position in order to help each other out. The best placements are made by people who have relationships with others in high places, or with candidates and employers. As many industries rely on this placement system, it’s easy to see why there are segments within the recruitment industry pertaining to particular markets.

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Examine the role of executive recruitment for effective talent acquisition

The role of executive recruitment in effective talent acquisition is to help businesses find the best possible candidates for positions.

Executive recruitment encompasses a wide variety of people, from CEOs to Assistant Vice Presidents. Executive recruiters are responsible to identify potentially qualified professionals and usually fill vacancies for high-level company openings. All requirements should be researched on top of the recruiter’s qualifications, including work history, education level, location, and legal requirements before placing an application with any employer or other entity not listed as a job referral source in this job outline.

Present the process of executive recruitment and the required skills at each stage of the process

There are typically four steps to the process of executive recruitment:

1) research candidates, including those within your company as well as outside options;

2) screen your top candidate lists by interest and skillset;

3) negotiate salaries and signing bonuses with potential hires;

4) have contract summaries drafted, and recruiters or legal counsel review contracts for legality before signature.

A manager may also want to discuss terms of contact for a potential hire before extending an offer. The terms of contact may include assurance that the company is committed to diversity, good parental leave policies, flexible work time options, training programs for mothers returning from maternity leaves, etc.

The recruitment process takes many different forms, but most recruiters follow a set of general steps.

Regardless of the type of recruiter, below are the set of skills required to be successful at each stage. This is by no means exhaustive or complete list– it’s just a few pointers that you will likely see when scouring an internet job board or LinkedIn in search for a new career opportunity.

  • Researching: You need to know what you’re looking for through your research process and take the time to consider what your ideal work-life balance looks like to find your next opportunity.
  • Screening: With all those daily applications coming in through online channels, there’s more luck than skill involved with this step. But, if a recruiter can screen out the unqualified applicants it saves time and limits the field to top potential matches.
  • Negotiating: The negotiating process is all about making sure you are prepared to walk away from a deal before starting negotiations. If you’re too eager or excited for work, you may lose valuable leverage.

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Apply skills for an executive search within a given business context to meet a client brief

Executive search entails searching for qualified candidates to fill top positions in a company. The process usually begins with several clients meeting with an executive head hunter, describing the job and its context, the qualifications they are seeking and expectations from a candidate. The client’s goals are then matched to appropriate candidates that could fulfill the requirements.

Executive search agencies conduct extensive research on industry trends, together with diligent database searches of publicly available information as well as many other sources to compile a complete list of eligible professionals qualified for consideration. In order to stand out against others, it is advisable that you submit your resume and cover letter online or by email rather than by fax or postal service so that you may be more easily found when decision-makers have ready access to computer technology.

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