Unit 35-LO4 Evaluate ways in which performance management, collaborative working, and effective communication can support high-performance culture and commitment-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

Performance management is not just about setting performance goals and reviewing them. It is a process for aligning the individual, team, and organizational goals with the overall company’s strategic objectives.”

“A collaborative work can be an effective way to remove obstacles that might prevent high-performance culture from happening. Collaborative working has become increasingly popular in recent years.”

“Employees are more engaged when they feel valued by their employer, which stimulates higher levels of commitment.”

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Performance management (PM):

As a concept and a process

Performance management (PM) is a concept and process that has been around for many decades. It has evolved over the years as both companies and their employees have changed. PM often gets a bad rap, but it can be an important tool in helping you get the most out of your employees. In this post, we’ll explore what PM is all about and how to use it effectively with your team members.

What constitutes an effective PM?

1) It must be fair. When performance management is done fairly it helps everyone involved judge the actions of their team members in a fair manner.

2) It must demonstrate clear communication procedures. Effective performance management is certain to use valuable communication channels such as hotlines and one-on-one conversations.

3) It should include mental health support. Many employees are affected by the feedback given by their bosses, but showing this in concrete form through rigorous performance processes will give them psychological stability too.

Finally, it is important for them to set clear expectations with stakeholders about timelines and deliverables so as not to disappoint anyone along the way!

How does an effective PM inform learning and development at the organizational, team, and individual levels?

A company’s PM starts at the top and ends at the bottom of your organization. The highest-level executive or board allows you to have an environment where all companies under them will be held accountable for the highest standards. A PM program helps employees thrive in a competitive environment as they’re working towards new and perceived professional goals.

The impact of strong performance management is evident when employees are motivated to work hard and look out for one another by supporting training, reaching milestones, and standing out. When teams are set up with challenges, rewards, and ongoing recognition, it’ll help an organization build closer relationships with their customers which contributes to organizational strategy via values alignments like living core values of your company when specific challenges arise: loyalty, innovation, and quality, while also achieving financial goals or revenue target by creating a win-Win atmosphere, eliminating redundancy of tasks between teams to better organization of information, creating a culture around pro results expectation. Lastly, the time invested in performance more directly represents team rewards.

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Differences in PM systems

Performance Management Systems (PMS) can give quantifiable results to areas of improvement for various processes. After a base level of implementing certain practices within an organization, companies should measure the desired outcomes against external benchmarks and track how well their employees are performing compared to these externally published standards. Tools like discipline dashboards, and specifically ‘negative actions’ i.e., reasons why your employees are being identified as ‘at risk’, help you stay on track withdrawing critical decisions from areas of continual improvement across all functional aspects of the organization and hopefully leading to key areas where PM strategies may deviate through supporting positive process culture in your company.

Research suggests that a PM program will increase the chances of an organization to one of the best performing industries, in terms of sales, service revenue, market share.

Organizational culture

How this can be both a facilitator or barrier to effective PM

It can be a facilitator or barrier on the team and individual levels. A good rule of thumb is that the more people you have in your organization – the less an experience designer is needed to do his/her job because it becomes impossible to keep everyone focused on their tasks, organize them or streamline workflow.

These are things designers specialize at doing well with consistency. They help your company by communicating with your clients, communication being one of the main pillars for effective project management.

A bad experience designer will sink a company as quickly as you would think with all their lack of expertise in organizational tasks and continual failures when the client needs something significant done urgently and they’ve already missed all of their milestones along the way.

The use of internal collaboration to deliver effective PM

Internal collaboration is an integral factor in delivering effective PM. Collaboration is a huge task and has many different components.

Each component needs work but when they are all put together, they can reap enormous rewards. Co-development of solutions and ideas stems from internal collaboration in order to grow creativity, the ability for everyone to understand what the other person’s role and goal are as well as each individual’s value within this process as it relates back on themself – it enforces that information is shared with anyone who should be informed at any given time.

Internal communication will always take priority over external communication because there shouldn’t be interference with content by one group that doesn’t know what the other party’s intentions or concerns with said content are; they have no idea what the goals are or what they’re trying to achieve, which results in misinformed content that can create misunderstandings between one another.

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Transformation process:

PM is achieved in many ways, which will depend on factors such as the scale and size of the organization, its geographic dispersal, and competing challenges. One way to approach this question is to first clarify what PM means to you and your organization. Do you mean planning for new projects or ongoing ones? Both are important aspects of project management that need timely attention. Planning ahead allows for greater accountability throughout the project’s lifespan, whereas continual monitoring often produces quick results when needed.

The developmental approach to PM:

Development in this sense is a process, not an endpoint. Development cannot be achieved by simply implementing evaluation strategies; instead, development can be achieved through the setting of criteria which if met will guarantee the criteria’ criterion has been achieved.

An approach of developmental evaluation then assesses whether the desired development has been reached or not. Developmental evaluation fulfills its task on a more comprehensive level than what evaluative approaches care to do; instead, developmental inquiry into development provides insight as to when and how different stages should be attained as well as cultivation practices for each stage.

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