Unit 49: Company Law and Corporate Governance Assignment Sample-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

This unit is about how companies are formed and managed. It teaches skills for when you work in business, too. The information from this unit will help with the general business law, which you already learned.

The students will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of going through business through shares. They’ll get to understand what types of shares there are, and how they are issued. The students will gain experience in the learning process that will help them better understand how to carry out company administration concerning rights and liabilities to outsiders.

This is a unit where we will study how companies are organized and what that means. We will look at why this is important and how it affects things like company behavior, directors’ duties, and good governance practices. When you finish this course, you can be confident to talk about these things in the workplace.

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The best companies are the ones that have a strong system for how to manage and control them. The process of managing and controlling corporations is called corporate governance. There are two main goals: to protect investors from problems with the company and to make sure they get a lot of value for their investment.

Before you start your business, you need to think about how it will grow. You should make sure that the people can speak up if they have a problem without worrying that it will cost them their job. How big is your company? Do people know what is happening in the company? If not, then you should change that.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit students will be able to:

In the United States, companies are given many of the same rights as people. They are not human beings like you and me in any way other than biologically. For example, they can be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. They also have protection against double jeopardy- which means that if they commit a crime or break the law, they may be found guilty even without direct evidence.

This status was established in 1886 by the Supreme Court. When a person can’t make their own decisions, they need to have someone do it for them and this is called a guardian. The court said that corporations are also persons, like humans, and so should be given guardians just like human beings if they cannot make their own decisions about what happens to them.

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Assess the importance of meetings and resolutions in corporate management

Meetings and resolutions are important in corporate management. But it is hard to measure how important they are. I will try to figure out a way to show you how important they are.

Meetings are a good way to get people together and talk. They help you understand what is happening. Meetings became important during World War II because there were not enough leaders to lead all the groups. The meetings helped them understand what was going on, so they could work together better.

Many people in the world are involved in peacekeeping. Manufacturing is also a big part of the world. There should be ways for people to move and trade with each other, even when they do not speak the same language.

Analyze the process of raising and maintaining capital for a company

Raising and maintaining capital for a company is part of finance. The most popular strategy is to hire bankers or business consultants who can get money from venture capitalists, angel investors, institutional investors, etc. It can be complicated when there are lawsuits involved (every day).

Raising money can be hard. You need to find banks, private equity funds, institutions like hospitals and universities that invest on behalf of donors or beneficiaries who are not interested in running day-to-day operations, and the capital market. The capital market is the easiest way to raise money because it is what stock markets are made up of.

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Evaluate the role and impact of corporate governance in the management of companies

Corporate governance is important for companies. It helps the board of directors. The board of directors makes decisions about long-term plans and outside relationships. They also watch over the executives. They do this by having good guidelines and procedures in place.

Corporate governance involves reports on risks, how many women are employed in senior positions, policies about remuneration including CEOs, salary caps for executives and other board members, codes of conduct, or ethics to make sure that suppliers have the same opportunities as product manufacturers.

The corporation wanted to prevent fraud and abuse by setting up a series of checks and balances. This means that if someone does something bad, they can be held accountable. If there is something wrong, like high pay for the CEO or not enough transparency, then it will show up on the system.

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