Unit 35-LO3 Apply knowledge and understanding to the ways in which high-performance working (HPW) contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

Organizational performance is mainly determined by the actions and inactions of organizations. It is the way an organization does things that counts, and it is the quality of those actions which determines how well an organization performs. To be successful, an organization must have strong hands-on manship skills, good communication strategies, effective systems management skills, and great team members.

Organizational performance is critical to organizational success. As stated, “Organization performance is critical to all organizations: honest, ethical, successful organizational performance levels ensure the integrity of the organization’s products and services.”

High-performance work and employee engagement have some crucial aspects in today’s complex environment like globalization, accelerated growth, and more highly skilled workers. Organizations with these two qualities are the most effective. Organizational vision and strategy development from this initial purpose. In a large corporation, the organizational mission is essential in creating the strategy and planning for high-performance work to succeed, supporting the need for an effective ability to cope with change.

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High-performance working (HPW)

“The Use of High-Performance Work practices in the work environment to increase effectiveness and employee satisfaction”.

Workers can contribute to the creation of organizational performance through high-performance working lifestyles. Employees achieve upper levels of productivity when they are supported by sound organizational structures, practices, and policies.

HPW is an integrated approach to workplace relationships that captures the positive power of human interaction in achieving high-quality work systems that support a shared purpose and an efficient, exemplary workforce; this includes succession planning, succession identification, and succession generation. This contribution is essential in order to attain maximum performance.

If different modes of HPW are distinguished it must be also acknowledged how HPW relates with other expressions like workers’ self-management, autonomization as well as socialization. 

HPW organizations

What characterizes an HPW organization (HPWO)?

HPWO organization is “autonomous and holding a high-performance image” where basic goals are important and work is somewhere on top of the organization’s priority, schedules, budget, and all the conditions are designed by the employees, who participate in design processes for what KPIs (key performance indicators) to be signaled in relation to both their integral strategy as well as that of the other organizations with whom they cooperate.

HPWO organizations involve the principles and values of being focused on primary objectives rather than extraneous functions and forms of organizational behavior or design that do not contribute to the completion of both primary and secondary objectives.

HPW systems are increasingly experienced as contributing to individual human development through a strategic direction, thereby better integration through sharing self-development capabilities inside each organization, which includes equal opportunities for women, lower divisions across all that they do earns higher wages, important pay raises due to the achievement by one organization singular excellence in their activity.

How is this beneficial to employees and the employer?

There are many benefits to the HPW organization.

  • First, ergonomic concerns are addressed because the workplace is more orderly and less cluttered.
  • Second, it creates a better level of safety due to decreased tripping hazards and increased productivity from easier access to materials. Employees have all supplies readily available at their fingertips so injuries can be prevented or minimized when accidents occur between workers in these tight-standing conditions like construction work floors or nursing units within hospitals.
  • Finally, increased organizational skills lead to higher efficiency levels as well as a reduction in wasted time spent looking for tools and materials when they’re needed during the workday.

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What barriers may exist to HPW?

When you choose HPW, you are dealing with self-reliance. There may be barriers to you in this choice that need to be identified before overcoming them. Such barriers can include the challenge of many tasks being completed by oneself and people doubting your capability.

High-performance HRM practice

The two are related for a number of reasons.

  • First, high-performance HRM practice requires the participation of only the best possible candidates. This saves time and money by avoiding lengthy recruiting and hiring periods.
  • Second, such practice requires management training that encourages creative thinking, collaboration, and facilitation of change.

These qualities make HRM professionals capable managers who can provide a profitable workplace environment- an objective that no company can afford to ignore.

Which informs which?

The HRM tool informs the HR practice.

The best performance measurement in an HR function is adding value to the organization’s needs for recruitment and talent management. It can be hard to understand what actions need to be taken if there is no feedback from a performance measurement system highlighting an important area for improvement. This new metric of accounting will provide a framework with which you can better navigate your day-to-day work responsibilities, as well as future objectives and accomplishments.

Therefore it is crucial that any high-performing HR department measure key aspects of organizational effectiveness, such as recruitment rates or on-boarding quality scores, and then clearly communicate these results back to senior leaders so their decisions can be informed by this data.

What impact does the desire to achieve HPW impact on HR practices?

The desire to achieve HPW works to impact HR practices by making sure that hiring decisions are in the best interest of all parties involved.

The desire to achieve high-performing workplaces is about enriching the value of people’s lives and enhancing their contribution through collaboration, communication, opportunity, trust, and more.

The idea is that a high-performing work environment can be created before employees join the company (through careful consideration of job descriptions) or after they have joined (by ensuring processes are done efficiently). This ensures there is minimal turnover or leave time which minimizes any gaps left in the workflow while also maximizing an employee’s engagement with their role.

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HPW and external stakeholders

How will HPW be perceived and viewed by internal and external stakeholders?

HPW will be perceived and viewed positively by stakeholders.

External stakeholders are likely to have a positive assessment of HPW because HPW does not involve any major changes to the structure of their classroom or home. It’s also an easy passive way to make up for missed school without taking additional time out for homework.

Internal stakeholders may see evidence that either indicates that they would like to adopt HPW, or reject it as being something their students might not take seriously during in-class work sessions, given the lack of incentive under this format.

Ultimately, a need could arise where traction is low with internal stakeholders but high with external ones resulting in higher adoption rates among those within the school district boundaries than those just crossing them.

Partnerships in an HPWO

Consider who will be able to support HPW in an organization?

HR would use criteria such as previous work experience, interviews, and the skills of the applicants in order to determine who can be best able to support HPW.

HR professionals are skilled in interviewing and assessing various metrics about different jobs that will make the right applicant get selected for a job. The core responsibility of an HR professional is to recruit talent and workforce at all levels from entry-level to high-performance employees which also include executives. Once resources have been assessed, they can then plan on where they are going pile focus their time and energy so the company gets maximized value out of them.

The use of HPW champions to act as catalysts

The use of HPW champions to act as catalysts is an extremely effective tactic with great potential. I’m sure you’re aware that every corporation, nonprofit organization, and government agency has a backlog of amazing ideas.

They just need someone to champion them until they can get the attention from decision-makers or problems solved. This has been my expertise for 50 years, and I have enjoyed seeing the outcomes organizations experience when their advocates are impatiently waiting for them. My mission is now to see this capability utilized more so that even people who endorse it will feel like it’s finally being used correctly!

How do you sell the concept of HPW to those who will be facilitating this?

The idea is to use HPW as an opportunity for people to reflect on their own health. By focusing on wellness opportunities, you can really help them find a sense of calm and personal empowerment in the midst of tough times.

After an individual has gone through two weeks or more without adequate food, they will start losing weight and looking malnourished because their body isn’t getting all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. An HPW plan gives people the chance to withdraw from this “survival mode” and go back into a “restoration mode.”

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