Unit 35-LO2 Analyse the factors to be considered when implementing and evaluating inclusive learning and development to drive sustainable business performance-BTEC-HND-Level 4 & 5

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

When implementing and evaluating inclusive learning and development, many factors can be considered.

For example, performance management processes must prepare people to succeed in a diverse environment and maintain appropriate organizational culture; such as with coaching skills for managers training employees who come from different backgrounds.

A necessary component of any inclusion process must be an evaluation assessment tool during implementation to ensure that individuals are being appropriately accommodated. When undertaking the selection of this type of tool it is important to take into account the diversity criteria which are key for its success- such as metrics used in the measurement, capabilities of respondents may have challenges applying it and having sufficient engagement of varied stakeholders including empowering them with voice when assessing the ROI value. Ultimately successful strategies in 100% inclusive initiatives are linked to a company’s organizational culture through commitment and leadership, in addition to talent management.

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Supporting organizational and individual learning:

Learning should be focused on strategic and tactical goals and informed by, for example, GAP analysis or a skills evaluation

Strategic goals are the long-term objectives of an organization.

Tactical goals are mid-level goals that must be completed to meet strategic ones.

Therefore, any time-oriented goal should include the following elements:

(1) definition of objective,

(2) target date for achieving the objective,

(3) current situation or status as a baseline assessment.

It’s important that the goal should extend backward in time before these factors became a problem so it can provide clues on how to challenge such difficulties. This way you achieve clear objectives rather than vague ones like “learn” and “improve.” Such clarity is essential when asking other people for help and creates accountability around deadlines and outcomes which reduces the risk of failure.

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Consider how learning is determined and implemented

Learning is variable, influenced by life experiences, and determined in different ways for many people.

Learning cannot be carried out without the successful activation of a predetermined genotype as specified in the DNA molecule when the system is activated by external or internal forces. This variance can further be explained through recent genetic engineering studies identifying more than 7000 genes that affect learning from genes that decrease cognitive skills to those which improve them merely with variations on brain function. Combined with the study’s findings, this information has led psychologists to differentiate between molecular genetics and systems theory approaches to understanding how learning occurs.

The learning organization:

The use of formal and informal learning across an organization to develop an individual, team, and organizational skill sets

The use of formal and informal learning across an organization to develop an individual, team, and organizational skill sets is important for all age groups.

Formal learning typically takes place in a classroom setting or in meetings where intensive study and cognitive application are going on.

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Informal learning can be engaging for adults especially if it’s fast-paced with interesting topics.

Formal skills are often related to the knowledge areas of literacy, numeracy, health & safety, and ICT (information communication technology) whereas informal skills such as critical thinking; creativity; motivation; problem-solving, etc., relate to the social/emotional areas that have greater relevance to working life.

Training or development:

Training as a one-off event or series of activities is different from development which has a more protracted timescale and builds on the skills and knowledge gained during training. Should organizations focus on training, development, or both?

Organizations should focus on both training and development.

Both training and development increase an individual’s cognitive capacity (ability to learn).

For example, by studying a new technique or idea, individuals develop their brains in ways that allow them to work with the technique more fluently as time goes on. Training builds skills in particular domains which can be used right away. Development increases general cognitive abilities which can yield greater benefits for any task down the road–although these are less specific than what would result from training specific skills for a given task. So training is more immediately beneficial while development yields benefit over time through increased cognitive capacity.

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The learning cycle:

Recognizing that learning is continuous through the use of learning cycle theories developed by Kolb, Honey and Mumford, and Lewin

It is advisable to be aware of theories developed by learning experts like Kolb, Honey and Mumfords, and Lewin. Learning strategies are dependent on the needs of a particular individual as well as more broadly on what is beneficial to society.

There are four levels or cycles in the process of experiential learning:

1) Concrete experiences – having an opportunity to try something out;

2) Reflection – talking about it with one’s peers or mentor;

3) Abstract conceptualization – thinking conceptually about what was tried, and generalizing it across broader contexts, and

4) Active experimentation – going back into new situations with some sense of how things work from your previous experience.

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Barriers to learning:

Recognizing the various environmental, physical, psychological, and cognitive barriers and how to overcome them

Environmental limitations are a very challenging barrier to overcome which in some cases may require professional help.

Home modifications such as ramps can benefit those who have difficulty walking and going up and downstairs. It is also important to remember that for many people, rearranging furniture helps avoid the need for using stairs.

Internal limitations such as fear, anxiety, or depression might be an issue and it is not uncommon to need professional help with these types of barriers to accessing public places or open spaces.

Cognitive issues like memory loss might make certain intellectual tasks difficult, but again there are strategies that can be used even without cognitive impairments related to dementia – keeping business cards in one pocket rather than leaving them scattered on tables at conferences, always bringing a key lime pie.

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