Unit 20 Employee Relations Assignment Sample – BTEC-HND-LEVEL 4

Employee relation is the bond formed between the laborers that ease the achievement of organizational goals. Management of a company needs to ensure positive relationships between employees to create a progressive working environment.

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This unit aims to develop an understanding of how employee relations affect stakeholders that form the external and internal resources of an organization.

Students will be able to assess the positive outcomes of employee relations that support effective conflict resolution intervention. This unit develops skills needed to understand the theories, models, and processes of employee relations.

Students will be able to analyze business practices using case history and relevant approaches. The knowledge, understanding, and skill set that students will gain on completing this unit will enhance their career opportunities.

It helps them to determine whether to set up their own business or being employed by an organization. On completing the assignment, students will have the confidence to contribute to effective employee relationship management in a broad context. Students will be able to advise management on equality and diversity, conflict avoidance, and relationship development.

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Employee relations aim at gaining commitment to accomplish the company’s business goals and objectives in diverse situations. It’s all about gaining acceptance of organizational changes. It includes:

  • Private, public, and non-profit companies
  • Non-unionized and unionized organizations
  • Manufacturing and service-based companies
  • Large, medium, and small-scale businesses

Employee relations refer to improving the work-related bonding between employer and employee that contributes towards increased productivity, and motivation level of the workers. It aims at reducing losses and issues associated with work in which employees fail to get a solution themselves.

  • Unitarian: It is a management principle that assumes that a company’s staff members come with a common purpose. It’s implicit in the American model of HR management. HR managers assume that individuals working in an organization whether low-level employees or managers share the same purpose and work together synchronously. From this perspective, conflicting objectives appear dysfunctional and negative.
  • Unitarian: Company Managers tend to motivate employees by projecting their objectives into the employees, and expect them to follow their instructions. By working together with mutual goals, managers appreciate employees and appreciate them for performing well.
  • Pluralism: It depicts the situation when a couple of ruling principles exist within a business. The pluralistic approach of employee relations believes that conflict is unavoidable, but resistible through organizational arrangements. It feels that the workplace is a microcosm of society.
  • Pluralism: As per this employee relation approach, the company’s employees elect their team leaders who allow them to take decisions independently. As managers and employees get driven by two distinct goals, conflict becomes inevitable in the workplace.

P1: Analyze the value and importance of employee relations in a wide organizational context

Employee relations and communications are the main factors that determine employee engagement and job satisfaction. Good employees act as assets for a company. Good employee relationships ensure a healthy bond between employers and employees.

Maintaining a healthy relationship between an employer and employee is vital for the company’s success. It is why companies invest resources into keeping the workplace healthy and managing employment relationships. The main aim of employee relationships is to improve collaboration and employee engagement at the workplace.

It implies that with a strong employee relationship in place, employees are bound to be more productive, less conflicting, and more loyal. Considering this fact, you need to check whether your company is performing at its peak.

If not, it is due to the lack of strong interpersonal relationships between employers and employees.

This section highlights the benefits of a strong employee relationship.

Better Employee engagement

Employee engagement refers to the efforts employers put to engage their employees. It incorporates everything from ensuring better communication to rewarding the top performers at the workplace.

As per reports, about 90% of leaders are aware of the terminology, but only 50% of them know how to resolve conflict with employee engagement.

  • Employee Satisfaction

Employee relation relates to employee engagement. Less engaged workers become less satisfied. Poor employee relations contribute to employee dissatisfaction. About 70% of UK employees state that employer communication has a lot to do with job satisfaction. 50% of employees state that employers don’t communicate well with employees.

  • Heightens employee loyalty

They don’t leave their job, but employees leave their bosses. Employees don’t have a second thought of leaving their job if they find that the work environment is not accommodating enough. It happens when employers overlook the need for improving employee relationships.

Neglecting the need for improving employee relationships won’t only cause them financial losses, but it harms their brand reputation, hence restricting the talent acquisition. So, employers need to consider employee perspectives and their career growth.

  • Employee motivation

Healthy employee relations motivate them to work harder and give their best at the workplace. Employers should know that a good relationship isn’t limited to communication, but it also includes evaluating employee performances. Employees like it when they find managers appreciating their efforts and motivated employees contemplate as supportive team members.

  • Improves employee’s confidence and trust

Nurturing confidence and trust in the workplace needs efforts from employees and employers. If you compare success and achievement as a jigsaw, employee relations are perhaps the most critical piece of the puzzle.

Sound employee relations form the basis of the foundation of confidence and trust in an organization. Most companies have a dedicated relationship manager for the same purpose. It is their responsibility to ensure that efforts for improved relationships are on track.

Nevertheless, confidence and trust at the workplace depend largely on the communication between employers and employees.

  • Employee turnover

Less engaged employees become more frustrated and consider job changes. High employee turnover is one of the biggest challenges that institutions face today. The cost of employee turnover is high. So, employers try to avoid such expenses. Management follows several ways to improve employee retention, and employee relationship is one such strategy that helps to minimize turnover rate.

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P2: Explain the fundamentals of employment law that apply to the organizational context

Employment law comes into play long before management hires someone. Whether it’s a business owner or manager or supervisor of an organization, one needs to know the basics of employment law. By learning the fundamentals of employment law, one minimizes the chances of litigation.

A savvy and successful business manager or owner should know the following:

  • How to design job descriptions or advertisements
  • Proper techniques of evaluating or screening potential candidates
  • Questions that one should avoid asking during the interviewing process
  • How to avoid charges of character defamation or privacy invasion
  • Federal and private laws that regulate employment
  • He knows that checking records or references might eliminate employment risks and issues.
  • Immigration law applies to all employee conditions

Employers should abide by employment laws

What employers believe is that as long as they have clear intentions, they remain protected against lawsuits. It might have been the situation 50 years ago. Contemporary employers get driven by a plethora of federal and state regulations when managing employees.

The foremost thing that employers should know is that employment itself is an economic relationship. Employers require competent and dependable support to grow a business.

Job description or Advertisements

To find out the best applicants for a vacant post, employees need to write a proper description for the job that ought to get done. The job description should include the following information:

  • Purpose of the job, and skills that an employee should have to perform the job.
  • Additional responsibilities that employees should perform time and again. However there is a word of caution, as the responsibilities are reluctant, the employer might be unfairly incapacitating the individual.
  • The job description should include the special skills required to perform a job including handling a piece of heavy machinery, or a specific programming language.

Since the 1990 act of disability, employers are requested not to discriminate or disqualify an individual based on his disability. An employer should consider 3 things when matching the Criteria and the applicant’s ability to perform the job.

  • Employers should not disqualify applicants with limitations from employment consideration because of their ability to perform marginal or non-essential Job functions.
  • Selection criteria that are eliminating in nature are job-related and essential for a business to run.
  • Employers need to make necessary arrangements for disabling employees if they get selected for the job role.

Immigration law

Federal law prohibits employers from hiring undocumented aliens. At the time of hiring an employee, employers need to make them fill in an I-9 form. It allows the employers to check the social security number of the employees to verify their identities and capacity to work.

Employers need to keep the form for 3 years, or one year after the employee leaves the job. They should get prepared to display the form to the UK immigration or labor officials department.

Civil rights law requires employers to keep the resumes of employees to avoid charges of inequality or following unfair hiring practices. You can keep the reviews for a year or as long as you want. You can keep an active status; it’s advisable to keep the resumes for an equal period.

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D1: Mechanisms of employee relationship management

HR management is not devoid of risks and challenges. Personality traits, abilities, attitude, actions, these factors can’t be separated and affect employee relations. Workplace relations are an integral part of employee engagement and increased productivity. A social support system is important for the success of individuals, and that’s the same for the work environment too.

Here is how you can improve employee relations

  • Develop an organizational culture based on honesty and trust.
  • Give opportunities for individuals to connect and communicate
  • Work in small, dynamic groups
  • Incorporate at least one communication media
  • Motivate them to give and receive feedback

Way to work

Depending on your individual and group values, responsibilities, and objectives, you need to plan your working procedure. It requires you to keep a track of employee progress, and how does she transmit that to other team members. You ought to be in sync with your employees; otherwise, it might lead to conflicts, arguments, resentment, or lack of coordination.


Management has to prioritize the relational aspect of the workplace. Employees need social structure to progress, and their wellness, productivity depends on the social structure.

HR managers ought to encourage positive employee relations to build a progressive culture in the long run.

P3: Explain the rights, and responsibilities that employer has within the workplace

With HRM models, it becomes easy to explain the role of the HR manager in a company. This section explores the 5 most popular HR models that explain the role of a human resource manager. Values added by HR and how he influences people working for the organization.

  • Casual HRM Model

The casual HRM model is one of the most popular HR principles, and it depicts a chain that originates with business strategies and ends through HR processes with increased financial performance.

This model states that HR activities should align with the business strategy to improve the productivity of the organization.

As per the Casual HRM model, HR strategy becomes effective when it aligns with business processes. Thus, the Casual HR model is derived from the best-fit HRM strategy. HR strategy complies with HRM practices, and HR practices like training, performance appraisal, and compensation associate with quality production and employee retention.

  • The 8-box model

Paul Boselie proposed an 8-box model that explains the external and internal factors that affect HR effectiveness. External factors that determine HR management efficiency include the following:

  • Competent workforce
  • Product development
  • Market Share

For instance, if there is a shortage of talent in the organization, these factors influence recruitment, training, and sourcing, as opposed to when qualified workers are abundant. The institutional context also changes based on the business situations. While legislations affect how HR management works, councils and trade unions limit what HRs can do.

The company’s history, culture, and technology used are the factors that impact the effectiveness of HR policy and objectives of HR management. All these elements determine HR strategy.

HR strategy consists of the following parts

  • Intended HR policies: Intentions that management has with training, hiring, and sourcing matters, but this model indicates that it’s just the starting point.
  • Actual HR practices: Regardless of the intentions of HR processes, but its execution relies upon the collaboration between HR and the manager. As the manager tries to do things differently, his intentions might be clear but the approaches might be different.
  • Perceived Practices: It is how HR feels about things getting done in the association. HR managers do their best, but if employees perceive their activities as intentionally done, it might not reflect the actual HR practices.
  • Specific Outcomes: Perceived HR practices lead to specific HR outcomes. It is similar to that of the Standard Casual HR model. HRM outcomes result in critical HR goals that match with the business’s goals. All these relate to the viability and factors that help to achieve a competitive edge.


This report talks about different dimensions of employee relations. Human resource management emphasizes improving employee relations to reduce conflicts and maximize productivity. Management needs to access these practices before incorporating them into the HRM practices. This unit explains the role played by the trade union in conveying employment issues to management. It states that transparency in communication reduces the odds of misinterpretations and conflicts within an organization.

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