5CO01 Organizational Performance and Culture in Practice – CIPD Level 5 Assignment Examples

While learning and understanding the organizational performance, its culture is significant to understand first since the performance and culture affect each other. This module will provide in-depth knowledge of the relationship between structure and employees of the workplace. By connecting with the culture of an organization, this module will discuss the impact of the organization’s strategies and planning on performance.

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To understand the relationship between the structure, strategy, and operational environment of an organization, the module focuses on the first learning outcome. Understanding the strategies is not the only aspect that is important when focusing on the better performance of the business. Thus, analyzing external factors and issues in the working assets, employee behavior, employee lifecycle, and building diversity are also having greater importance which is going to be discussed in the later parts of the learning outcomes of the module.

Here, we will discuss some assignment examples and topics that can help you to choose and make your own topic. Now, let’s see some of the possible examples from each of the objectives of the module.

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Assignment Examples from first learning outcome: Understand the connections between organizational structure, strategy, and the business operating environment.

Discuss organization structure and how it affects performance?

The learner of level 5 has to discuss the importance of the organization structure when starting out the answer to this question. The answer will be followed by the types of organization structure with examples of each, key points to make the good organizational structure, advantages, and benefits of one type of structure over another. The types may include the discussion of functional, matrix, divisional and flat organization structure with practical examples of different companies and how each structure can affect the performance of the business.

Explain the relationship between the structure, strategy, and environment of an organization.

The learner should have a basic understanding of each aspect of the organization to write about structure, strategy, and environment where all the operations perform. Start with defining the organization structure, strategy, and environment and continue to write about why each of them matters for a good performing organization. Including the impact of an environment on the strategies and structure or the other way, the student can approach this question by interrelating them with a brief discussion of the factors.

Discuss external factors and trends of an organization.

External factors such as economy, politics, customers, competitors, and so on can be the major factors that influence an organization. Thus, every factor has to be discussed broadly in providing the answer to these types of questions. Also, how these factors can change the performance of an organization can be included with the brief idea of the internal factors too. Now, trends of an organization are some of the necessities that can influence the growth of an organization. Thus, trends such as employee diversity, globalization, flat hierarchies, networking, flexibility are some of the main trends that an organization has started to incorporate for better performance. Therefore, all these trends, how trends can change organizations, and why they are important must be discussed.

How to determine business priorities and issues?

The learner can start by defining what is business priorities and move further in answering this question by discussing the facts that make good priorities in the business, goals of the business priority, management of the time, and task in creating business priorities. Also, the different levels of priority and how to prioritize the work in an organization can also be discussed by the Level 5 HR or L&D students. The issues occurred in an organization whether regarding technology or employees can affect the prioritization of the tasks of the business.

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Assignment Examples from third learning outcome: Develop an understanding of theories and models of organizational and human behavior and the drivers for change

Discuss different models of organizational behavior.

The models of organizational behavior are important to understand for the learner of the CIPD Level 5 course to write effectively about them. The organizational behavior models include the Autocratic model, the Custodial model, the Supportive model, the Collegial model, and the System model. Each model should be defined very well and show the importance of its own in the organization. After that, the learner can continue to write about the major differences between each model, elements of organizational behavior model followed by the advantages them.

Discuss models of Human behavior.

The learner of an HR or L&D Level 5 course must be able to write about the models of human behavior to define it and show its importance in an organization. There are a few types of models in human behavior such as biological, psychoanalytic, behaviorist, cognitive and humanistic. To explain each of the models, the learner must be capable to have extensive knowledge about them during this course. How the human behavior model can affect the performance of an organization does also have significance in writing this question. Therefore, the advantages or benefits of one model on another can also be discussed to mention the individual side of the models.

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Assignment Examples from fourth learning outcome: Examine how to build diversity and inclusion that aims to promote a positive culture.

How to create diversity and inclusion in an organization?

The learner should have an understanding of diversity and inclusion techniques to provide an accurate answer to this question. Mentioning the definition of diversity and inclusion of an organization is a good way to start writing about this question. Types of diversity, inclusion model, steps to make diversity among employees, ways or strategies to company diversity, how the company promotes inclusion and diversity at the workplace, and much more headings can be made and discussed in this question.

How diversity and inclusion can foster positive organizational culture?

When answering this question, the people management learner can mention the key areas of diversity, the relationship between good company culture and diversity or inclusion processes, and challenges faced by a company to maintain diversity and inclusion at the workplace. Also, the role of diversity and pillars of inclusion to enhance the positive culture can be written in this question to represent a broad understanding of the topic.

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Assignment Examples from fifth learning outcome: Evaluating relationship between employee lifecycle and your work and how organization strategies are connected in people practice to deliver business goals in line with customer needs.

Discuss the relationship between the lifecycle of an employee and their work.

The Level 5 people management learner can explain the connection between the lifecycle of an employee and their work by discussing the stages of the employee lifecycle and showing the flowchart of employee lifecycle which can tell the employee performance in the company. The work of an employee is directly related to their lifecycle of them. The lifecycle tends to be more if an employee would be good at work. Therefore, the learner should mention the influence of an employee’s work with lifecycle with the help of examples.

How do people practice support organizational strategies?

The people management learner should know about people practices that connect and supports organizational strategies to ensure the business goals in the favor of customer requirements. The activities that support the organization’s strategy can be regarded as the employee’s performance and lifecycle. Therefore, the learner should also have an understanding of the analysis of the employee lifecycle. The answer should link with the human resource strategies and organizational strategies.

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