5CO03 Professional behaviours and valuing people CIPD Level 5 Assignment Examples

Understanding the professional behaviors and learning valuing people at level 5 of the CIPD course is essential for students. You are going to learn about people professional behaviors and ethical practices to encourage and strengthen the relationships in the organization among employees and managers. By developing the strategies of people’s professional behaviors and their practices the organization can lead to growth and can impact the performance of each and every member of an organization or company.

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Thus, in this module 3 of the level 5 people management CIPD course you will gain an understanding of ethical and core values of people professional, inclusive strategies and behaviors, creating solutions aimed to promote a positive working environment, learning the evolution of people professional practices, identifying the strengths and weaknesses through CPD activities.

Here, we will discuss the assignment examples from which you can write academic assignments on varieties of topics. Now, let’s focus on the assignment examples from each learning outcome of this module.

Assignment Examples from first learning outcome: Understanding professional and ethical behaviors for people professional, and how personal and ethical values can be applied, including contributing to discussions with confidence and conviction to influence others.

1. Explain Professional and ethical behavior in people management?

The learner can answer this question by defining the ethical behavior in people’s professions, the principles of ethics at the workplace, elements of professional behavior, and codes of ethics in an organization. The learner of the people management can also compare unethical behaviors with ethical behaviors in the organization with the help of examples of professional ethics.

2. Discuss how personal ethical values can be applied at the workplace?

Applying ethical values at the workplace is must understand by the learners of Level 5 students and how ethical values can be applied involves the steps, process, and benefits that should be discussed in this question. Mentioning some daily life ethics worked at the workplace and organization to improve the professional behavior can also be written in providing the answer.

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Assignment Examples from second learning outcome: Learning inclusive and collaborative strategies, arguing the human and business benefits of inclusive behaviors and the right to be fairly treated at work.

1. What are inclusive and collaborative strategies? Explain.

Start this answer by defining the inclusive strategies and collaborative strategies individually. The learner can further mention the about promoting inclusion at the workplace with the diversity techniques, what is collaboration inclusively, strategies of effective collaboration, and examples of inclusion in organization or business by the people professional.

2. What are inclusive behavior and its benefits?

The learner can approach this question by the definition of inclusive behavior at the workplace. Further writing can be included with essential traits of inclusive workplace behavior, what does it mean to be inclusive at the workplace, leadership behaviors, and the qualities of inclusive leaders. Advantages and benefits can also be discussed in answering this question through the demonstration of each benefit briefly.

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Assignment Examples from third learning outcome: Design and evaluate solutions aimed at building positive

1. How to build positive working relationships at the workplace?

Discuss the importance of positive working relationships and then write the steps and process of designing the solutions aimed to create positive relationships among employees and managers. The skills to develop positive relationships at the workplace can also be discussed to provide and maintain the different aspects of a positive environment of working relationships.

Assignment Examples from fourth learning outcome: Demonstrate personal commitment to learning, professional development, and performance improvement by exploring how the role of a people professional is evolving.

1. How people’s professional role is evolving?

Since the role of people professionals is changing year after year, the skills related to it are also changing. Therefore, learners can discuss the changes in the skills of people professionals and further mention the importance of the role of HR by defining the strategies with features of an effective HR.  The impact of technology on the role of HR can also be discussed.

2. What are the people’s professional development and improvement?

The learner of Level 5 can write about the CPD i.e. continuing professional development when answering this question through the definition of professional development at the start of the answer. The discussion on the difference between PDP and CPD should be managed to write by a learner along with the five developmental areas and CPD activities to promote people’s profession.

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Assignment Examples from fifth learning outcome: Assess your own strengths, weaknesses, and development areas and formulate a range of CPD activities to support your learning journey.

  1. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses as a people professional.

The learner can focus on the strengths and weaknesses as a people professional and allow themselves to develop according to the professional development. This outcome helps in developing and identifying the areas where learners need to work on. Therefore, these questions can become out as what strengths and weaknesses you have assessed to make improvement as a learner of the people professional.

2. What are CPD activities and how to formulate them as a learner?

The learner can discuss the CPD activities by defining the CPD in general and further approach this question by answering some CPD activities and How do you CPD, what is the first step of CPD and what activities come into CPD, Therefore, you can give proper definition to the ways to formulate them in the people professional learning.

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