CIPD Level 5HR03 Assignment Example: Reward for performance & contribution

Understanding the key practices in reward systems by people professionals for performance and contribution of the employees is essential for all the learners of the level 5 CIPD. The rewards for performance in an organization help in building employee relationships. Therefore, for creating better working lives and increase organizational growth, the learners need to have learned in practices for appreciation.

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This module can help in examining the internal and external factors to influence reward strategies and policies. Also, understanding the reward policies of an organization, the learner will develop the importance of the practices in people management to make expert reward judgments and the impact of reward praising performance.

There are basically five learning outcomes that help students to learn the evaluation methods of reward systems, policies and practices to implement reward system, the influence of people performance on approaches to reward, ways of gathering data, the impact of legislative requirements on reward practices, and role of people practices in reward judgments.

Here we are going to discuss and pick varieties of assignment examples to help learners of CIPD level 5 in making assignment topics. Let’s discuss some questions or topics for assignments from each learning outcome of this module.

Assignment Sample of CIPD Level 5HR03 Activity 1: How to evaluate the principles of reward and its importance to culture and performance management and how policies and practices are implemented.

  1. How to evaluate the principles of reward and its importance?

The learner can discuss the importance of a reward system in an organization, the purpose of reward, characteristics of great reward, types of reward with the principles of total reward. With the effective reward system, the success of the reward system can also be mentioned when answering this question.

  1. How policies and practices of rewards are implemented at the workplace?

The learner can start this question by answering the steps and procedures to implement the policies and practices of rewards at the workplace. The need for company policies, stages of the policy-making process, introducing a new policy, the purpose of executing policies at the workplace should also be added to this question.

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CIPD Level 5HR03 Assignment Example in Activity 2: Explain how people and organizational performance impacts approach to reward and the different types of benefits offered by organizations.

  1. Discuss how employee performance impacts the reward system.

The reward systems are made to appreciate the worker or an employee of an organization. However, the process to make a reward system can also have an impact based on the performance of an individual. Therefore, the learner should have an understanding of the relationships between reward and performance, the performance impact on rewards or vice versa, rewarding methods, the difficulty faced by an organization to make performance-based rewards, and approaches to create rewards for better performers.

CIPD Level 5HR03 Objective 3 Assessment Sample: Evaluate the most appropriate ways in which data can be gathered and measured and develop insight from benchmarking data.

  1. Discuss methods to collect and measure data.

The learner should have an understanding of the data collecting techniques, the methods of data collection, data gathering and measuring tools and techniques, the most effective data collector, and the main sources of data. Quantitative data collection with some examples of it can also be discussed by the learner when mentioning the main methods of data measurement and collection.

  1. How to develop insights from benchmarking data?

Here, the learner can write the data conversion to insights, how to convert data to insights, the steps involved, the difference between data and insight with some examples of each, data analysis methods to gain insights, and leveraging data to develop a strategy. Therefore, the student of CIPD level 5 must consider acquiring a good understanding of data analysis and all types of mechanisms related to data.

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Assignment Examples from CIPD Level 5HR03 fourth learning outcome: Develop reward packages and explain legislative requirements that impact reward practice

  1. Explain reward packages and their importance?

As we discussed, rewards are the systems to appreciate the performance of an employee. Thus, the definition of reward packages or practices, the different types of rewards and practices, the benefits of rewards to build employee confidence, total rewards packages, features of a great reward, and examples of great reward practices at the workplace can be mentioned and discussed while answering this question.

  1. Explain legislative requirements that impact reward practice?

Discussing some requirements to make reward successful in a stepwise process, the effectiveness of the reward systems, and the application of the reward strategy according to the legislative needs, is a good way to approach these types of topics and questions. The impact of not fulfilling the requirements of reward practices should be demonstrated and elaborated wisely by the learner.

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Assignment Examples of CIPD Level 5HR03 Unit 5: Review the role of people practice in supporting managers to make consistent and appropriate reward judgments aligned to agreed approaches.

  1. Discuss the role of people practices to make reward judgments.

The learner of the level 5 people management CIPD course has to understand the practices which focus on the roles and responsibilities of the manager to make reward judgments. The importance of the line managers to make reward decisions effectively and consistently aligned with the reward decisions should be discussed in this question. Understanding Hr role in reward management through different practices can also be discussed in this.

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