CIPD Level 5HRD Assignment Example UK: Contemporary Developments in Human Resource Development

The learners who are pursuing CIPD level 5 course need to learn about the unit of contemporary developments in human resource development in order to grow as an HR professional. The unit is meant to equip the learners with the knowledge, skills, and insight that will enhance HR practices within the organization. As learners get to learn and understand the effectiveness of models, practices and processes in HRD, they develop their skills to carry out HR practices effectively. In this perspective, the unit encourages learners to become more responsible for the aspects that can contribute to the management of HRD.

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The unit also focuses on making learners aware of the actions, practices and models to promote and maintain sustainability at the workplace. After completing this unit learner should be able to fulfil the learning objectives such as

  • Understanding of the approaches and models that are important in enhancing HR development
  • Identification of external factors, data and trends that impact HR development practices
  • Understanding of the contribution of HRD processes in developing organization and professionals within the organization.

With the discussion of each learning outcome of this, you will develop an understanding of different topics which may help you in the presentations and other assignments writing. We will discuss the importance of each learning activity of this unit through assignment sample and examples. Now, let’s take a look at the assignment sample of the 5HRD module of the CIPD Level 5 intermediate course.

Assignment Sample of CIPD Level 5HRD Activity 1: Understanding of the approaches and models important in enhancing HR development

The learners get an understanding of the approaches to ensure HRD function has been delivered effectively within the organization. This unit explains the use of HRD and its advantages to promote the performance of the employees and organizations. There are different types of models that are employed under HRD practices to identify the emergence of HRD. Learners need to achieve a better knowledge of approaches in enhancing organization strategic development. Also, this unit focuses on providing the answer of how to promote the HRD practice for the HR professionals with the skills to evaluate the differences between strategic HRD and HRD strategy.

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The learners who are pursuing HRD also get to learn the identification techniques of external trends and relevant data or other factors. These factors impact the HRD practices and help in promoting good practices at the workplace. It also involves the theories of national HRD and knows how different approaches focus on vocal and educational training of the individual. The differences between the perspectives of the national HRD and vocational training also well explained in this unit to help learners analyze their effectiveness in promoting organizational success. The learners need to get help from population data, demographics, trends in labour markets to effectively analyze the relevant data. The data collected will help identify the impacts on an organization in order to promote HRD planning.

Assignment Sample of CIPD Level 5HRD Activity 3: Understanding of the contribution of HRD processes in developing organization and professionals within the organization.

Understanding the models and HRD processes is necessary for the learners in developing organization and professionals within the organization. Learners also get knowledge of managing HR development, leadership, and implementation of HRD interventions to improve their learning. The contribution of HRD in the organization tells how the employees get involved in learning processes. Learners also acquire a good understanding of the practices to promote sustainability of the business and development of HR careers. Examining the role of technology and its application in delivery learning in the organisation, evaluation of cross-cultural employees, and the role of HR in ensuring that different employees learning needs are learned by the learners of the Level 5  CIPD course. Therefore, the learners pursuing the unit should understand the relations and connections between HRD and employee diversity.

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