CIPD Level 5HR01 Assignment Example: Employment relationship management

There is much importance in understanding employment relationship management (ERM) by CIPD Level 5 learners. ERM helps in maintaining a good working relationship between employees, managers, and coworkers. The process of ERM tells that by managing relationships in an organization, the environment of the workplace can be enhanced. Therefore, promoting ERM at the workplace is essential in people practices.

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The HR learners can get an insight into employment relationship management through this module which comprises different learning outcomes. The ERM is a tool to leverage organizational performance and build strong employee relationships. Thus, this module is the information guide for all the Level 5 HR learners who want to have an in-depth understanding of relationship management.

Here, we will discuss some assignment examples from each learning outcome of the module which can help you to make your own assignment topic. Choosing topics from one of the assignment examples wisely can give you higher marks in the assignments. So, let’s straight dive into some informative examples for CIPD Level 5 assignments to provide you required knowledge and skills to write them.

CIPD Level 5HR01 Assignment Activity 1: Develop an understanding of practices aimed at supporting better working lives, differentiating between employee involvement and participation with reviewing emerging developments to inform approaches to employee voice and engagement.

  1. How to make better working lives at the workplace?

The learners can answer this question by defining the work balance practices and write the steps involved in practices for better working relationships in an organization. Ways to promote or support a work-life balance can also be discussed in this question. Learners should have a better understanding of ERM practices to provide this answer precisely.

  1. Differentiate between employee involvement and participation.

You can approach this question by mentioning the definition of employee involvement and employee participation. What is meant by employee involvement, the difference between employee involvement and employee engagement, the major forms of employee involvement, the role of employee engagement, how can employee participation increase motivation, the benefits of employee involvement and so on all these can be discussed when answering this question.

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  1. Discuss conflict and misbehavior at the workplace.

The learner can start by answering this question with the definition of conflict and misbehavior at the workplace. The difference between conflict and misbehavior, handling conflict in the workplace, forms of conflict, how to deal with misbehavior at the workplace, types of conflict in an organization can be learned and mentioned by the HR level 5 student when this topic comes.

  1. How to assess emerging trends in conflict and industrial sanctions?

Assessing contemporary trends in different types of conflict and industrial sanctions has to be learned by the students. Emerging trends in industrial and employment relations can be discussed in this question by mentioning some of the important conflict trends through the examples of conflict at the workplace.

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Assignment Sample for CIPD Level 5HR01 of Activity 3: Learn about performance, disciplinary, and grievance matters and explain the skills required for effective grievance and discipline handling procedures.

  1. What are the performance, discipline, and grievance practices in the organization?

The student of the Level 5 HR course should have an understanding of the performance, discipline, and grievance process and practices involved in the organization to make a better working environment. Oftentimes, students can be asked as Can a grievance results in a disciplinary or the difference between a grievance and disciplinary. Therefore, students should give a brief about each term and tell the importance to follow organizational disciplinary and grievance processes. Also, the role of HR in a grievance can also be mentioned when writing about this question.

  1. Discuss effective grievance and discipline handling procedures.

The steps of the procedure of effective grievance and discipline should be listed when writing about this topic with how to handle grievance and discipline processes in an organization, the difference between both of these procedures, grievance handling in HR, and why grievance and discipline procedures are necessary.

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CIPD Level 5HR01 Assessment Answers of Activity 4: Learn about the main provisions of collective employment law and the types of employee representation.

  1. Discuss the role of provisions of collective employment law.

The learner can have an in-depth understanding of the main provisions in the collective employment law when studying in the CIPD level 5 HR course. Definition of collective employment law, typical collective agreement provisions with the collective employment law advice for employees and employers both. Therefore, discuss some important law provisions in collective employment with their roles should be necessary for the students who are facing problems in this topic.

  1. What are the types of employee representation?

Types of employee representation should be discussed here with the right information of each type of representation. Whether union representation or non-union employee representation, the advantages and disadvantages of every type of representation must be mentioned with importance. What makes a good employee representation, representative bodies at the workplace, workplace representation by employees can also be written when answering this question.

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