CIPD 5RST Assignment Example: Resourcing and Talent Planning Answers

Resourcing and Talent Planning (5RST) is the unit of the CIPD Level 5 that provides an understanding of the HR function to enhance workforce mobilisation. This unit focuses on ensuring that HR professional should be in a position to attract, recruit and retain the right individual to carry out the organizational roles to meet their goals. In attracting the right staff members within the organisation, learners have to learn different approaches and practices. In learning this unit, students develop their skills to incorporate approaches to ensure that they can select the right employees from the labour market.

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Due to high labour market competition between the organizations, HR professionals should learn how to meet the recruitment goals to attract the right talent. Also, they have to ensure that every selected employee must support the growth of the organization. Thus, this unit teaches the right strategies towards recruitment and selection to make talented staff and provide an understanding of the succession planning for talent management to which contribute the organizational growth.

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5RST Assignment Example Activity 1: Labour market conditions

5rst Assignment Brief Example – Learners get to evaluate the differences between the tight and loose labour market conditions in the different countries through case study writing assignment. This unit provides an understanding of the nature of labour competition within the organizations to select the right candidate for the jobs. The learners have to explain the tight labour market where employees availability for a job is and competition is high towards selecting the right candidate for that specific job. However, students with the assignment on loose labour market have to explain the condition where employees for the job are more but with less job opportunity.

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5RST Assignment Answer Activity 2: Strategic positioning of organisations in the competitive labour market

CIPD level 5 learners should be open to learn about the organization which is in a position to identify the policies and legal requirements for recruitment and selection of the employees. HR professionals should ensure that their planning for the organization workforce aligned with the strategies that help in the attraction of the talent. This unit provides an understanding of the practices that promote the employees learning and development opportunities as well as ensuring that every employee must experience a sense of satisfaction while working in the organization.

CIPD Level 5RST Assignment Activity 3: Development of future employee skills

Development of future employee skills related with the hiring of the employees who can involve in the processes of organizational goals in the future. However, to meet the organization visions and goals is only become possible when employees are allowed to develop their skills within the organization. The HR professionals have to ensure that they employ some practices that approve the development of the employee future skills. Learners will also learn about the roles of the different stakeholders in ensuring the employees future skills should be developed.

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CIPD 5RST : Workforce planning and Succession & career development plan Assessment Example

CIPD 5rst assignment criteria – This unit ensures that learners get an understanding of the principles of workforce planning. The principles are made to ensure that HR involves the organizational stakeholders in the processes of workforce planning, evaluating the skills, competence and knowledge of the employees to carry out organizational roles and tracking the planning process in order to enhance the development of the organization. Besides principles, this unit also offers an understanding of the workforce planning tools in research of benchmarking, gap analysis and scenario analysis.

Moreover, this unit focus on the understanding of the learners on succession plans and career development plans. Development plans aim to meet the goals of the organization by having talented employees. Succession planning is a way to identify the employees who can replace the vacant job positions in the organizations. However, career development plans provide the learning on the HR roles to determine how employee skills can be developed to fit in a job position.

Summative assessment for Resourcing and talent planning (5RST 05): Downsizing organizations

This unit helps students to understand the different reasons for organization downsize and equip them with the right practices to resolve related issues. HR professional learn about strategies of letting the talent from an organization with the methods of communication with the employees during downsizing. Learners are able to achieve the responsibility of handling employees in worst-case scenarios. This unit develops the decision making of HR to retain the employees while promoting equity and fairness.

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