CIPD Level 5HR02 Assignment Example: Talent management & workforce planning

Learning talent management skills and workforce planning strategies is an essential aspect of the CIPD Level 5 learners. The study of talent management develops the understanding of the employees at the workplace and identify & retain the right talented employees can help an organization to grow faster. Whereas, workforce planning is a business core process that keeps aligning the people strategy with organizational needs. Both talent management and workforce planning should be structured in the favour of business goals and objectives.

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Talent management and workforce planning is the way to make a high-performance workplace by managing valuable employees and focusing on the challenges and issues faced by a business. Thus, learners should consider this module the key priorities of their studies. We are going to discuss some relevant assignment examples and topics to enhance your learning even better. Therefore, we have divided the examples according to the learning outcomes of the module mentioned below.

  1. What is labor market and its trends?

The learners can write current labor market trends with definitions of the labor market. The features of the labor market can also be discussed in this question with labor market issues and analysis of it. The understanding of the labor market trends can help a learner to gain an understanding of workforce planning.

  1. Discuss the significance of the labor market for workforce planning.

There is much significance of the labor market on the workforce planning or simply Human resource planning. The more the labor market increases the lower the unemployment rate goes. The effectiveness of the labor market is much since HR needs to focus on the practices employed at the workplace. Thus, students can show the importance of the labor market at the organization by relating it with workforce planning.

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CIPD Level 5HR02 Assignment Sample of Activity 2: Explain how organizations position themselves and the impact of a changing labor market on resourcing decisions.

  1. How to position higher as an organization?

The learners can be asked this question because the question related to becoming the employer of choice. To become an employer with higher positions among the competitors, the Hr has a great role in creating workforce strategies. Thus, students can also mention why workforce planning is important for employers of choice aligned with the organization to improve the labor market.

  1. How does the labor market affect human resource planning?

The influence of the labor market on resourcing decisions is huge. Therefore, learners should have an understanding of the workforce practices that can tell the effectiveness of HR for the labor market. The factors of the labor market, the labor market in people management, advantages and importance must be mentioned in answering this question.

CIPD Level 5HR02 Assignment Answers of third learning outcome: Evaluate techniques to support workforce planning and explain approaches to succession and contingency planning, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of different methods of recruitment and selection aimed at building effective workforces.

  1. What are the workforce planning techniques?

The techniques which can analyze the present and future workforce needs should be discussed in this question. With the methods, elements approach to workforce planning with the help of workforce analytics, the learner can write about this question. The different types of workforce planning and affecting factors can make a difference in workforce planning. Therefore, the students have an in-depth understanding of human resource planning strategies.

  1. Explain succession planning and contingency planning?

The process of succession planning and contingency planning can be discussed in the first part of the answer with the definition of each. Then learners can give differences between succession and workforce planning. Also, steps of succession planning and contingency planning, development of succession planning, key elements of contingency planning, making a good succession plan, and finally the approach of effective succession planning should be discussed.

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  1. Mention different methods of recruitment and selection with their strengths and weaknesses.

The learner can demonstrate the different ways or methods of recruitments with a definition of an individual method. The success rate and failure vary from method to method. Therefore, by understanding each method thoroughly the learner can write about the strengths and weaknesses i.e. advantages and disadvantages of the different recruitment and selection processes apart from the differences in them.

  1. Discuss employee turnover and retention.

The CIPD Level 5 HR learner should have an understanding of the turnover and retention practices so that they can help organizations retain talent in the business. The discussion of retention and turnover can be started by mentioning the importance, advantages, benefits of employee turnover and further goes to what causes high employee turnover, five main drivers of employee retention, the differences between employee retention and turnover.

  1. Explain approaches to developing and retaining talent?

There are different approaches of retention and talent management when it comes to workforce planning. Therefore, different retention techniques, talent management approach, elements or key areas of talent management and some of the best retention practices can also be mentioned by the learner of the CIPD level 5 HR course to answer this question.

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CIPD Level 5HR02 Assessment Example of Activity 5: Learn about the importance of managing contractual arrangements and onboarding.

  1. What is the importance of contract management?

The learner can write about the importance of contract management by discussing the definition and fundamentals of contract management, the purpose of managing contracts, elements and processes of contract management, and different types of contracts at the workplace.

  1. What is onboarding and discuss the importance of it?

Write the definition of onboarding and then discuss why onboarding is important. The phrases of onboarding, benefits of proper onboarding, and impact of onboarding on the performance of the organization should be discussed.

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