BMS4997: Research Project aims to introduce the student to the design and execution of an investigation: Clinical Biochemistry Dissertation, MUL, UK

University Middlesex University London(MUL)
Subject BMS4997: Clinical Biochemistry
  • Module Introduction:

The BMS4997 Research Project aims to introduce the student to the design and execution of an investigation related to specific areas of biomedical sciences or clinical physiology (depending on the program of study being followed by the student. It will provide the students with an opportunity to carry out sustained, rigorous and original studies in their particular discipline.

  • Its objectives are to enable the student to:
  1. Engage in project management by implementing a program of research;
  2. Plan, organize, and complete a task to a specified time schedule using appropriate resources and technology;
  3. Work and communicate with other people;
  4. Identify and use appropriate methods data of collection;
  5. Analyze the data collected;
  6. Communicate the findings in an appropriate manner;
  7. Identify the implications of the study for the wider professional/interprofessional context;
  8. Recognize any limitations of the study, and make recommendations for further research;
  9. Generate and evaluate solutions for practical or analytical problems

While studying the BMS4887 Experimental Design and Statistics and BMS4977 Advanced Bioanalytical Techniques modules, students will have completed sessions on laboratory techniques, experimental design, statistical analysis, and presenting data.

Each of these components will have been assessed. This assessment includes an assignment on experimental design which will help with your project. As part of the assessment for the BMS4887 Experimental Design & Statistic module, you will have to write a project proposal and it is strongly advised that students write a proposal of the project that they are actually going to carry out later in their Programme

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