What is expected specifically in the Introduction chapter is that it should introduce the core problem which is the research: Marketing Consumer Behavior Dissertation, UOS, UK

University University of Sussex ( UOS)
Subject Marketing Consumer Behavior

What is expected specifically in the Introduction chapter is that it should introduce the core problem which is the research question and set the scene for the readers and outline the path that will be taken to address it and include background information on the fashion industry and blogging from high-quality industry reports.

From the research methods chapter, it is expected that it gives clear details of data sources and explains a strategy for researching this material, and justification of the chosen secondary research methodology that will help answer the research objectives, strengths, and weaknesses of this method since it is qualitative which qualitative method has been used and why and secondary research needs to be done for this dissertation and needs to follow a narrative literature review method and in addition to critical procedures and processes you need to show familiarity with controversies and positions taken by authorities on methodologies, familiarity with this body of knowledge can be demonstrated as the chosen methodology and research procedures are justified.

The Data analysis chapter presents the results in a simple readable format and includes and interprets tables of key themes or diagrams or figures showing a relationship between concepts and themes and presents these results for each research objective. Lastly, the Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations, and Theoretical and Managerial Implications are together in Chapter 5 so here discuss in detail the major findings of the research using the research objectives to structure the chapter this is the chapter where it brings all the arguments together it’s the literature you discussed, the methodology you adopted, and the findings you have presented and please do not be repetitive and in an explicit way show your reader how your study contributes to past research on the same topic.

Also, you compare any findings from your research to existing literature and discuss in depth and sum up everything so far in conclusion. For recommendations make recommendations for managers and future research recommendations from research gaps found so include both policy and practice and lastly implications should come from recommendations.

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