What are the underlying factors that significantly impact fan engagement and attendance at women’s football matches in England: Sports Management Dissertation, UOE, UK

“What are the underlying factors that significantly impact fan engagement and attendance at women’s football matches in England?” The study will explore the multifaceted aspects of fan engagement and attendance in women’s football with a specific focus on understanding the impact of marketing and promotional strategies, providing recommendations for improvement, as well as addressing the potential barriers that affect fan participation and attendance.

By analyzing existing literature on fan engagement in football and specifically in women’s football, the study seeks to gain insights into the unique characteristic of fan engagement in this context. It will explore topics such as fan loyalty, emotional connections with the team and players, identification with the club’s values, and the role of social identity in shaping fan engagement. The research will also investigate the influence of the matchday experience, including the quality of stadiums, fan interaction opportunities, and the overall atmosphere, on fan engagement and attendance.

Furthermore, the study aims to identify the key factors that contribute to fan engagement in women’s football and understand how these factors differ from those in men’s football. It will examine the role of media coverage, including broadcasting and digital platforms, in promoting women’s football and attracting fans. The research will also consider the potential impact of grassroots initiatives community engagement programs, and the development of role models and inspirational figures in enhancing fan engagement in women’s football.

Overall, this study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of fan engagement in women’s football in England, shedding light on the factors that drive fan interest, the strategies that can be employed to improve fan engagement and attendance, and the challenges that need to be addressed to create a vibrant and supportive football community for women’s football fans.

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