Developing An Understanding Of The Relationship Between Research: Adult Nursing, MUL, UK

Aims and RelevanceDeveloping an understanding of the relationship between research, practice and policy underpins the development of nursing knowledge and underpins evidence-based practice. Judici
| Felix | 2nd Aug 2021

Reflect On Their Current Knowledge And Experiences Around Their Learning: Healthcare Assignment, MUL, UK

Learning Outcomes:On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:  1. Reflect on their current knowledge and experiences around their learning.2. Identify and use a va
| Felix | 22nd Jul 2021

CTEC5806_DL: Victim Steven James Neilson (AKA Stevie) Has Been Murdered But It Is Not Clear Who The Killer Is: Digital Forensics: Principles & Practice DL Course Work, MUL, UK

Particulars of the case:Victim Steven James Neilson (AKA Stevie) has been murdered but it is not clear who the killer is. In addition, there is no indication of the motive at present; a background
| Felix | 26th Jun 2021

Describe and critically analyze the approach you will take from a technical perspective to develop an understanding of what has happened: Digital forensic Assignment MUL, UK

Learning Outcomes AssessedLO1: Discuss the need for and uses of Digital ForensicsLO2: Critically evaluate and implement Digital Forensics techniquesLO3: Analyse malware and perform intrusion ana
| Felix | 27th May 2021

Letter to the editor of Nursery World journal for a special issue: Early Childhood Studies Coursework MUL, UK

Coursework- Letter to the editor of Nursery World journal for a special issue.Students need to write a letter to the editor of the Nursery World journal in order to convince them to have a special
| Felix | 27th Apr 2021
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