Theoretical framework for Dissertation

July 13, 2021 | George Orwell | 2065 views

In the dissertation theoretical framework, you explain the theory in such a way that it supports your research showing the work is grounded in established ideas.

The theoretical framework explains and discusses the ideas, concept, and theories which are most relevant to your work in the dissertation. This is said to be the ‘blueprint’ or guiding map of a research study developed by the researcher for guiding or paving the path of answering research inquiry. In simple words, it acts as the foundation on which entire research is constructed or builds upon.

The theoretical framework makes use of theoretical principles, theories, concepts, and constructs for studying events. The researcher needs to develop a thorough understanding of the problem, research questions, purpose and significance of the study in order to select a theoretical framework. You have to

Evaluate the earlier theories on your subject

Select the one which suits the best according to your work

Compare your work with the other authors and writers


The Culture Theory, The Cultural Ecology Theory, the Human Environment Relations Theory, Environmental Determinism theory, and so forth.

All these theories illustrate the fact that there is close relation or association between people and their cultures. The attitude, behaviour and working pattern of people is explained to a good extent by cultural dimensions theory. Therefore, it is pertinent for student/researcher to carefully read, understand and interpret cultural theories for deepening his/her understanding regarding relationship between people and environment.

How to Create a Good Theoretical Framework

There are various ways in which a theory can be approached. It may require a lot of research and then combining them for ideas. If you are not strong enough in the theoretical approach. Follow these 3 steps to building a theoretical framework.

Step 1- Identify the key concepts

Starting from identifying the key concepts from your problem questions and problem statement. Write about each one of them as it requires defining the key terms.

Step 2- Evaluate and explain relevant theories

By consuming various literature review of authors and writer you can evaluate how they have drawn the relationship between the relevant theories. while writing the theoretical framework focus on ways the authors have done it.

After you have to mention and explaining different theories now it is really important to write the theories which define your work in the research.

Step 3- Show your contribution

While writing the other’s work and theories do not forget to write your original theory for your readers in your dissertation and show how your work contributes to the field by providing evidence and data. Mention how you challenge and contradict the existing theories and researches.

There are no fixed and dedicated rules for structuring or writing a theoretical framework the basic and only rule is to write a clear, logical, and explanatory structure.

So, now you know about the theoretical framework or theoretical framework and how to write them. Go ahead and experiment with your creating in an effective way.

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