Sample Theoretical Framework in Dissertation and Thesis – Overview and Example

July 13, 2023 | George Orwell | 2828 views

Overview of theoretical framework in the dissertation

The theoretical framework is one of the crucial aspects of the dissertation. An effective Sample Theoretical Framework of a Dissertation or Thesis will help you in providing a powerful scientific basis for your research. It is the theoretical framework that enables you to showcase your existing knowledge about a specific subject or topic.  The theoretical framework helps readers in making an evaluation of different believes. It provides you with ease in interpretation, explanation, and generalization of findings. The three important factors which will help you in the development of the theoretical framework are research questions, problem statement, and literature review section in the dissertation.

After getting an overview of the theoretical framework sample thesis., develop an understanding of the same concept by seeing the theoretical framework example thesis.

Example of the theoretical framework

ASDA is a company facing the issue of a continued decline in its sales. Management in a firm is highly tense about the continuous decline in profitability. The main reason for the decline in the profitability of the firm is poor services. Poor services have to lead to high level of dissatisfaction in customers and a decline in customer loyalty.

Managers in an organization are planning to concentrate on clients’ satisfaction and customer loyalty. An employee working at the management level in enterprise has the opinion that by emphasizing customer loyalty and satisfaction they will be able to accomplish their objective. You for executing the research on the specific problems faced by Asda company need to concentrate on research objectives, research questions, and problem statements.

Problem:  continuous decrease in sales and profitability.

Objectives: To provide more good experience to customers and gain their loyalty.

Research question:

  • How customer satisfaction will help in achieving the objective of increasing sales and profitability?
  • What is the relationship between customer loyalty and sales?
  • Which factors influence the level of satisfaction gained by customers?

In the above example customer satisfaction, loyalty, profitability, and sales are important. You need to include these elements in the framework.

Now after analyzing the example of the theoretical framework, now let’s look at the sample .

Sample theoretical framework

Customer satisfaction

Thomson sates that customer satisfaction is  experience or feeling which a person has after consumption of specific goods or services offered by the company.  The other author argued that customer satisfaction is a extent up to which a person feels satisfied with the products or services of the company.  As per the opinion of Kotler, the best way of measuring customer satisfaction is to analyze the extent up to which an individual is happy by using  goods or services. The author Thomson perceives that satisfaction can be measured by evaluating the level up to which a specific product has been able to fulfill the need of the customer.

In the current study, the theory proposed by Thomason will be utilized. Thomson states that  customer satisfaction is experience gained by individual after consuming goods or services. Objective of Asda, the company intends to sell not only products or services. Organization aims to provide good feeling and experience to its clients. The definition provides by Thomson is relevant to the topic and is true.

Thomson consumer satisfaction model

As per the hypothesis proposed by Thomson two most important factors  these are value proposition and quality of goods or services have a significant effect on the level of satisfaction gained by customers.  Customer satisfaction model states that different factors personal requirement, previous experience helps in  determining customer expectation.

Thomson has make comparison of different components stated in the above line with the customer experience.  The company can judge the level of customer satisfaction by analyzing the gap between various variables . The hypothesis of customer satisfaction which Thomason has propose is crucial. As it will help management in determining level up to which Asda clients are happy with organization products or services.

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