How to Write Dissertation Discussion Chapter – Full Writing Guide

July 13, 2023 | George Orwell | 2233 views

The dissertation discussion chapter is the most essential part of a dissertation in which the outcome of the research is subjected to discussion. In this article, our professionals are providing complete guidelines on How to Write a Discussion Section?  By reading this article, you will be able to write Effective Discussion Chapter.

What is the dissertation discussion chapter?

A dissertation discussion chapter is the output of dissertation research and analysis. The arguments and solutions that are derived from the dissertation research are analyzed on critical grounds in the dissertation discussion chapter.

The main aim of this part of the dissertation is to show the relevance of research on the topic and how it explains the thesis by substantiating through arguments of the dissertation. The chapter can vary from 500 to 900 words in length and should not comprise repeated points in it.

The length of the dissertation discussion chapter varies according to the research topics and its complexity. While communicating with the Dissertation supervisor during the first meeting you should listen to their instructions.

Importance of writing dissertation discussion chapter 

  • A discussion chapter is the soul of a dissertation that shows the aptness of research and thesis given on the topic.
  • The discussion chapter in the dissertation has great significance.
  •  This chapter is omitted from a dissertation the reader will fail to judge validity. You do not want to fail in your master dissertation,  you need to include a discussion chapter in your dissertation.

After getting to know about the importance of Dissertation Discussion lets develop an understanding of How to Write the Dissertation Discussion Chapter.

How to write a dissertation discussion?

State your dissertation thesis in the discussion chapter

the primary task for writing a dissertation discussion is to state your hypothesis at the beginning of the chapter. This is because when you will write your thesis at the beginning of the chapter readers will get an idea about what you are chasing for through research.

It will build up a background for the discussion on the dissertation results in the discussion chapter. Starting your discussion in a dissertation on topic dissertation findings abruptly can confuse the readers about your analysis and discussion. Similar is the case with writing a professional research paper and thesis for college.  The other key elements  that should be included in the dissertation discussion chapter are :

Interpretations: It means that you are required to state the importance of your research findings to scientific and academic purposes.

Implications:   this means that you need to prove the significance of your findings in the dissertation findings and discussion sections of the dissertation.

Limitations:   It includes the description of the area where your research findings cannot be applied.  

Future recommendations: In the dissertation discussion section, you need to provide suggestions that can be applied for bringing the improvement in the investigation procedure to be conducted in the future.

Explains your research and arguments to substantiate the dissertation

In the next step, you have to talk about the different arguments that are included in the dissertation to substantiate the thesis statement. All major points of the dissertation that explains the relationship between thesis and arguments should be clear in this part of the dissertation.

Sometimes irrelevant arguments and points in the dissertation make the thesis Irrelevant. You should avoid writing these arguments in the discussion chapter of the dissertation. Only relevant and genuine points should be in your discussion that signifies a relation with the thesis of the dissertation.

Show the validity of your research points in relation to the results of the research 

The results you obtain from the research on the topic of the dissertation should be mentioned in relevance to the research points. You cannot write results extracted from the research arguments which have no relation to the thesis or main stance of the dissertation.

Synchronization between the results of the dissertation and its research must be there.

Give an account of dissertation research results derived from arguments

The results of a dissertation are concluding points that you obtain after a critical analysis of the arguments.

You need to write your results obtained from the data written in the form of arguments in the dissertation. Be brief and do not repeat any inference of your dissertation result time and again. Repetition in the dissertation can ruin the seamless reading for the readers.

Subject the inferences of the dissertation for critical analysis and discussion

The analysis and discussion from the most essential part of the dissertation discussion chapter.

Here a complete discussion is about the role of arguments in explaining the thesis statement of the dissertation. In the discussion chapter, you need to discuss each argument of the dissertation and comparing it with the thesis.

Give a holistic overview of your dissertation research and thesis 

On the basis of discussion and analysis of arguments, it is important to give an overview to readers.

Clears structure

At the time of writing the discussion section in the dissertation, you need to predetermine the framework.  You can include a separate section and subheading for facilitating the discussion. The basic structure of the discussion chapter in the dissertation include :

  1. Summaries important findings.
  2. Discussion on the outcomes of the literature review.
  3. Discussion on the way results of the investigation influence hypothesis.

Usage of tenses

At the time of Facilitating the discussion on findings or results, you need to use past or present tenses.  You intend to describe the procedure, you can utilize the past tense.

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