Dissertation Appendix: Take a Comprehensive Look

July 14, 2023 | George Orwell | 2296 views

What is an appendix page?

The appendix is basically the last page of a dissertation which consists of detailed information about the topic of the dissertation. It is the section in a dissertation that mainly includes supplementary material which is added with the motive of providing the reader with ease in developing an in-depth understanding of the issue. Some diagrams, charts, figures, etc can be included in the dissertation.

In the context of the dissertation if you have applied the questionnaire technique for data collection then you can include the questionnaire form in the appendix. The main function of additional information present in the Appendix is to support the argument. The appendix section comes after the reference part. For instance,  In the Appendix, you can highlight the components which have led to an increase in sales of the firm.

The objective of the dissertation appendix section

  • The main objective of the appendix section in the dissertation is to present such information that is not directly relevant to the subject or topic of the dissertation but it might be useful for other people.
  • Another purpose of the Appendix section in the dissertation is to make the research paper more organized and presentable.

Importance of the appendix section in dissertation

  • The appendix section in the dissertation has great significance as it enables you to provide more detail information about the topic of the dissertation.
  • It helps in maintaining the length and word count of a research paper.
  • The appendix section has great significance as it allows you to provide background information about the subject or topic.
  • It aids in preventing disruption in the flow of content.
  • The appendix helps in preparing clear and concise research reports.

What should be included in a dissertation appendix?

The dissertation appendix structure consists of  3 following elements these are:

  • Results or Findings: You can present the findings or results using a table, graph, charts in the appendix of the dissertation. In addition to this, you can add those figures, graphs in dissertation which are directly link to the topic or subject. If some kind of supplementary analysis is being performed then you should present the calculation and result of the same in the Appendix.  In simple words, the information which is not directly related to the research questions is generally included in the appendix section of the dissertation.
  • Additional information about survey or interview: here, you can include the detailed or additional information about the way response has been provided by the respondents during the time of the investigation. You could include the questionnaire form in the appendix section.
  • Dissertation Appendix and Additional Components:  If in case, you have used a lot of abbreviations then you can include that list of abbreviations along with their definition in the appendix section. In the same way, when there is the use of lots of technical terms then you can create a glossary and placed it into appendix. It is the technique that will assist you in preventing the increase in the word count of the research paper.

How to write a dissertation appendix

There is no acknowledged  for to structure an appendix.  Here are some basic rules which you can apply while writing Dissertations: Appendices. By applying below rules you can able to write an effective appendix for the dissertation in a successful manner. You are required to follow certain rules while writing the abstract for dissertation these are:

  • Before starting to write the appendix , you need to review the guidelines or instruction provided by the tutor. It is the tactics which will help you in analyzing the expectation of reader.
  • While writing appendix you need to consider that accuracy. As it  is very much important besides knowing the fact that this section does not have any marks.
  • You should only include the most important information only in Appendix section.
  • Some examples like transcription of interview, outcome or findings of survey can be included in the appendix.
  • You are required to include footnote consisting of information that certain key information is present in an index.
  • You need to arrange all the information in the dissertation in a logical manner.
  • If in case you have included a graph, charts, figures then you need to provide the numbering for the same.

Dissertation appendix format

There are basically two formats of the appendix. In the first format, you can have a lengthy appendix that might contain results, transcripts of interviews,s and abbreviations together.

Another format is that you can have a separate appendix for all three components such as transcript of interview, results, and abbreviation. It is the best technique of formatting the Appendix section in the dissertation, as it will provide the reader with ease in navigating the information.

You need to write the Appendix section from the new page..

All the figures, graphs, and charts should be properly numbered.

Important tips:

  1. while writing the dissertation appendix apa style, it is very crucial for you to make sure consistency in thesis documents.
  2. An appendix can also be submitted in different documents.

Dissertation appendix examples

For instance, if you have included a questionnaire in the research methodology, then you will need to analyze the results.  You can include the questionnaire form in an appendix.  In case your work is on the US constitution and the extent to which ‘free speech is absolute,  then you need to have a discussion about issues in the main body. But you can place a copy of the Constitution in an appendix.

Struggling to write dissertation appendix?

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