Dissertation Conclusion – Meaning, Importance, Purpose and Tips

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In this article, our expert team is providing you with complete guidelines on How to write an excellent thesis conclusion? By reading this article,  you will be able to write an excellent thesis conclusion.

Meaning of Conclusion

The conclusion is the interpretation of research results or findings. It is the last section of the dissertation. These chapters in the dissertation mainly consist of a short summary of the key points discovered during the investigation. You have to write a conclusion in the dissertation after completion of the main body.

Dissertation Conclusion Example

For example, The investigation aims to analyse the effect of globalization on the business activities of firms. By conducting the qualitative investigation on a specific topic it has been concluded that globalization has a great influence on the marketing activity of an international organization.

Purpose of a conclusion in the dissertation

  • The main objective of the conclusion in dissertation is to clearly provide answers to the research question.
  • Another purpose of conclusion is to restate the important arguments.
  • This section intends to help the researcher in demonstrating the significance of the issue.

Importance of conclusion in the dissertation

  • The conclusion section in the dissertation has great importance as it enables you to demonstrate the way outcomes have matched with what you have expected.
  • It allows reviewing the activities which you have conducted for creating or supporting your arguments.
  • The conclusion is important as you can inform the reader about the unusual things which you have observed during research.
  • This section in the dissertation has great significance . It provides you with an opportunity to clarify your position. You can share your experience of participating in the investigation.
  • The conclusion has great significance, as it provides you with a chance to prove that the approach which you have select for performing investigation.

After getting information about dissertation conclusion, Lets develop understanding about  how to write dissertation conclusion?

How to write a dissertation conclusion?

Steps involved in writing a dissertation conclusion are:

Step 1: Restate hypothesis and research objectives

Start writing the dissertation conclusion by restating hypotheses and objectives.  Before starting to write write a conclusion for a dissertation you should review your content.

Step 2: Provide recommendations

In the concluding part of the dissertation, you need to provide solutions for issues on which you have to perform an investigation.  at the time of writing suggestions, you should keep the topic in mind.

Step 3: State limitation of the research

At the time of writing the conclusion, you should specify the limitation of the research. At the same time, you should also provide the techniques which you have to utilize for overcoming issues.

Step 4: Contribution of research

In this part of the conclusion, you need to clearly state what you have achieved.

Step 5: Write personal growth reflection

It is a complete option to write a personal growth reflection in the conclusion section

Three important elements  in the conclusion of the dissertation

  • Purpose of investigation: You need to provide a short summary of the findings. You can also involve information about your contribution to accomplishing desired objectives
  • Importance of the investigation: it is very much important for you to demonstrate the significance of the investigation performed on a specific topic.
  • Recommendations: you need to provide advice for the improvements in an investigation procedure.
  • Contribution to knowledge: here, you should state the information the learning gained knowledge and skills which you have to develop by participating in research. The main purpose of including the detail is to demonstrate the way a specific undertaking has helped in accomplishing desired academic objectives.
  • You should start your conclusion by stating the main question which you have addressed.
  • Do not include the detailed summary of each chapter in the conclusion. Students can include only key points from each chapter in dissertations.
  • You can include information about the difficulties you have faced while performing specific activities during an investigation.
  • You should not include the information or introduce any new concept in the conclusion.
  • Avoid the repetition of the sentences, as it might increase the word count of the conclusion.
  • You can include the way research on a specific topic has aid in resolving specific issues.

Tips for writing a dissertation conclusion

There are few tips by applying which you can write a conclusion in a proper manner. These tips are:

  • While writing the conclusion, you need to rewrite the main idea.
  • After completion of the conclusion, you need to make sure that you have included all key points.
  • While writing the conclusion you can use a quote, as this will assist you in developing the interest of reading in the reader.
  • You should use simple but strong words for writing a conclusion.
  • You are required to write a conclusion in the past tense.

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